Tsukimonogatari | Monogatari Series – Part 6

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Tsukimonogatari is only four episodes. Why? Well a particular character going by the name Yotsugi Ononoki with no real personality could be described as such. A doll is after all without any real feelings although they can be a symbolism for innocence, playfulness, and youth. Taking a few steps back though, the first episode of Tsukimonogatari introduces Araragi who is in his college years.

However, he is more busy with his sisters especially Tsukihi who he has a rather peculiar “battle” in the baths. All seems silly at first until Araragi discovers something wrong at the glance of himself in the mirror. By no doubt, the first episode sets the stage for the remainder of this series and in a fashionable way at that.

What follows is the ingenious dialogues of what Monogatari is all about as well as the overall tone of the story. It’s both well directed and a pleasure to relieve another chance at the stages of the final season. Here, we are also introduced to Shinobu once again. For those who don’t remember her, she is the vampire girl that sucks on his blood daily. The reason for this is explained and also creates the theory of Araragi’s newfound problem in the second episode.

It gets to the point where characters such as Kagenui Yozuru is involved along with her familiar. While they seem like characters, it’s their stellar performance that makes them worthwhile to remember. It helps bring to life the story that crafts the style of Monogatari. Through word plays and clever dialogues along with effective comedy timing, the series becomes fine calibrated entertainment. Not only does it create appealing entrances and exits but the character interactions are first class with their expressions.

Another aspect of the series is its ability to command attention. One event leads to another that creates a thrilling feel for the audience to anticipate what’s to come next. It’s through the appealing setup that makes the series stands out with dangerous adversaries with their motives. Not only does it shine through their roles, but the show also explains the story fairly well through unique ways. Like I mentioned before, Tsukimonogatari is about storytelling and no story is complete without a background.

Despite all the events going on in these four episodes, I still find it interesting how it’s able to squeeze in comedy. While this may be a mixed bag for is some, I have no doubt about the way the series is handled in an attempt to exaggerate Araragi’s relationship with his sister. There’s honesty there too with how Araragi’s emotions becomes evident after realizing the danger they are in. Furthermore, these episodes also has bits of lighthearted moments at the end to give the audience a bit of ease. 

Anyone familiar with Daiki Konno would also easily recognize his artistic talents which is clearly shown in the first episode. The surrealistic backgrounds along with Shaft’s zany and idiosyncratic style is also hard to miss. Along with the background symbolism, this series’ artwork is a testament of what unorthodox is all about; and I do say that in a good way.

What may surprise you though is the powerful soundtrack. Each scene in every episode has a bit of it to keep up the momentum. Somehow, the soundtrack is also able to carry through this whole series wherever it goes. Regardless where the setting is or what event takes place, it tells of a cinematic grace with a pensive style to convey the story. The opening song “Orange Mint” has a catchy tone and in all respects decently coordinated by its illustrative tones. Similarly, ClariS returns with their performance that although isn’t groundbreaking still has an attractive appeal.