Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis | A Great #Anime

The story revolves around Bahamut, an all-powerful dragon’s rebirth into the world. When this dragon was alive, It’s cataclysmic rampage nearly ended all life on the planet. This truth forced humans, angels, and demons to form a temporary trues to seal this dragon away forever. From the backlash of the battle, the god Zeus and Satan himself had to sacrifice themselves by sealing their spirits in two pendants to stop him.

If the two keys where to merge again, then Bahamut will be reborn and fuck shit up again. The show start off with a girl how steels one of the keys from the angels and begins the process of Bahamut’s inevitable resurrection. I personally thought the story was amazing. It wasn’t super convoluted and was easy to understand. Yes, its kind of a genetic story but the journey, and back-story behind the characters separated this one from the rest. 

The animation was so clean i could of ate off of it. Nothing but stunning. The atmosphere and backgrounds are well flushed and polished. Details can be seen in the smallest of the things on the scene that most people wont even be looking at.

In addition, things such as particle were shy of perfection. The sparks that flew of off swords as they clash, the radiant illuminations that where emitted from angles and demons eyes and bodies, the smoke and stones that flew threw through the air during a huge battle. All of these entities were beautifully animated. This is what initially got me watching the series in the first place. The production value for the animation was one of the best of 2014; up there with Fate/Stay Night and Nagino no Asukara. 

The sound that played in the background of certain scenes set the tone of the sequence. They did a good job at doing this since some of the less notable scenes in the anime also made me feel a certain way. It wasn’t what was going on, on the scene but was the music that complemented them them gave me the intended anticipation, or unease. For the epic fight scenes in the anime, all i could say it that the music was great. The heavy orchestrated tracks made the battle scenes even more epic then they already were. It’s apparent that a lot of time and work went into developing this OST and i wanted to listen to the stand alone tracks but i couldn’t find them. 

I’m happy to say that the creators didn’t play a mindless game of (spin the wheel of generic character archetypes) when making theirs. Almost all of the character’s personalities and designs felt new. The main characters were at there very peak when they interacted with each other, however as stand alone characters they weren’t as memorable as they could have been. The only exception this this would of had been Favaro. Speaking of, the main character Favaro the most unique person of the bunch.

His mindset throughout the show generally stays the same but his own resolve and personality makes him like no other. Not only is his personality unique but his design is to. Favora is actually rocking an AFRO MULLET. I’m not joking here, this is a thing now. For the other main characters, Kaiser is the epitome of a knight. We will do anything to keep his vows and restore honor to his families name. Amira is kind of simple minded but has a goal that she want to achieve. It seems that’s all she wants to do; that and eat food. All of the other supporting characters is also well developed.