Hi, I made a podcast


Hi there. I thought I’d send out a little blog here saying “oh hey, I made a podcast”. So here I go. OH HEY, I MADE A PODCAST.

What will be in my podcast? Probably a ton of things, they may or may not be related to Anime, they may also be a ton of other random things. I’ve always wanted to expand on what I’ve done already. I’ve always wanted to reach out and do different things. I would like to keep my blog here primarily Anime related, with that little bit of non-Anime related stuff thrown in here and there. So I thought to myself “Where else can I expand to?” and I thought, “Hey how about we’ll start a podcast”.

I think it’ll be fun for me, especially if no one listens because I’ll be able to express more of my views on things and I’ll be able to ramble on, something I cannot really do through text. I’ve always been better at expressing my thoughts, and opinions through normal conversation than I am through a written format.

So I think this podcast will allow me to do that. So if you want to listen to my rambles, then this is my link: https://anchor.fm/podcast-oocentral. You can also fast travel to it by clicking “About me” then “My Podcast”. Hopefully I’ll see you there :3