Selector Spread WIXOSS | Worth Watching?

Is it worth? Who knows! I’ll let you decide, but first, you’ll need to give it a watch 🙂

Selector Spread WIXOSS is the continuation of Selector Infected WIXOSS. It starts off around a week after the events that transpired during the first season’s ending and continues with the overarching conflict of the series. During this iteration, the main character Ruuko focuses more on trying to find a way to save her LRIG Tama, coping with her battle addiction, and dealing with her new companion Iona.

Compared to the first season, I think the story was slightly better. The major problems the series had where fixed when they focused more on the premise of the game WIXOSS, and focusing more on Iona and Maya’s predicament. There was a lot of good things going on at once in the second season that I enjoyed instead of only recycling Madoka Magica themes in the first one. As for backstory, many of the random unimportant characters in the first session are extremely relevant now and play a huge role in the story. One example being Ulith. 

The animation during both seasons of this anime where relatively to same. The only exception would be the setting of Maya’s world that I thought had a unique style to it. I made a review of the first season so I might just repeat what I said in that one which was that the animation was at its peak during the battle scenes. The atmosphere, the battleground, the LRIGs, and the magic used during battle sequences were amazing. The atmospheres in particular is what gave this anime so much life. During the battle scenes, the background, and the overall mood of the setting changed according to the characters personalities, and deck color. As for the general setting in the real world, it was unimpressive and lackluster.

The OST that was used in this session had a couple of standalone tracks but for the most part was exactly the same as the first. They used several catchy Tech based songs with orchestrated rhythms in it as well as DnB and Dubstep. The music that played during the transition and in the opening/ending themes were changed to correspond to this session. Compared to the first opening theme, I liked the opening of this session more than the first one. In regards to the casual scenes, this session faced the same problem it did in the first. There were barely any song playing in the background. There were a couple of typical sound queues throughout the show but that’s about it. 

The three main characters that we’ve followed in the first session are still here but they aren’t the main focus of the plot anymore. The story swifts most of the time for character development towards Tama, Iona, and Akira. Even though these characters develop nicely, and are essential for the plot to progress, I feel as if the main characters Hitoe, and Yukuzi where left out.

Their significance in this session wasn’t nearly as impactful as it was in the first 12 episodes which was a letdown. The main character Ruuko however develops nicely throughout the entire series. There are also additional supporting characters that join the mix this time around. Ulith, Chiyori, and Mayu where all introduced in the first session but they all got little to no screen time. Now they are important components to the story, and almost quadruple in the amount they are on screen compared to before.