Owarimonogatari 2nd Season | Monogatari Series – Part 8

The Monogatari series comes together well to create a masterpiece of a story. This Anime is much deeper than a lot of people think. It is filled to the brim with philosophical arguments and great storytelling. The focus isn’t mainly on action, though it does have some visually stunning action scenes. A lot of the time, it will just be conversations between characters, but this is the blood that keeps this series alive and flourishing. Without it, you’d have a normal show with above average production. This type of show isn’t for everyone, but I personally love it. It had mix of emotions teach parts of the story which constantly manages to keep the viewers interested. The further you go through the episodes, more the excitement grows. We all want to know who Ougi is, we all want to see what Araragi wants or does. That’s why the story is perfection. 

Shaft did a pretty good job with the art style and animation, it doesn’t have a lot of detail but it fits great with the anime. It is also consistent with the other series, which is a plus. This far into the series, the show has its visual direction and signature flair basically down to a science. Tons of different styles, colors, shapes, perspectives, and cuts. Fun and personality-filled character designs of both an old and new nature. Quick scenes of high-quality animation. Head tilts. It’s all there once again to stare at and appreciate in all its splendor.

Like always, all OPs and EDs of the Monogatari Series is wonderful to listen to, and I think really captures the feelings of the characters the series is based on/going to be covering. Owarimonogatari 2nd Season, is no different. It’s OPs “terminal terminal” by Mayoi Hachikuji, “dreamy date drive” by Hitagi Senjougahara, and “dark cherry mystery” by Ougi Oshino all do extremely well at capturing the arcs that is covered in the Anime. Also, it’s ED “SHIORI” by ClariS speaks for itself. ClariS has always made really good songs, and this one is no exception.

Mostly every character is important to the main plot of the story and if they aren’t a main character, the style of the show makes it seem as if they don’t even exist. Whether they be designed as set pieces or outlines, the show really puts emphasis on those we really care about. These characters are no joke either, pretty much none of them are one-dimensional wastes of time, which is very appreciated. As is the case with every Anime of the Monogatari Series, its characters, their strong connection and relationship, and their development from the first episode to the last, series to series. Is I think, what makes the Monogatari Series so unbelievably good.

What the Monogatari Series was able to accomplish, is what I think all studio to a certain extent strive for, which is proper character development. Something that the Monogatari Series has plenty of. Without a doubt, the Monogatari Series and it’s final season, Owarimonogatari 2nd Season. It the embodiment of well calculated and superb character development scheme that took years to perfect; just for this moment, it’s last season.

The Monogatari Series is, was, and forever will be, the greatest Anime series every produced. All Anime lovers should watch the series. As it’s a once and a lifetime sort of deal. I do not think, we’ll ever see an Anime this well done and this development ever; and if there is one day to be an Anime that topples the Monogatari Series, it’ll have a mountain of expectations to climb — something I do not think will be attempted for years to come.