Ore Monogatari!! | Worth Watching?

Is it worth? Who knows! I’ll let you decide, but first, you’ll need to give it a watch 🙂

The first few episodes easily establishes a lot of facts about the main characters. Takeo has the outer appearance of someone that would make almost any girl frighten in fear. However, he is a guy with a heart of gold. His action speaks louder than words as he is dedicated to help others; friends, family, or even strangers. Then, there’s Yamato, a sweet innocent girl who falls for Takeo at first sight after he saves her on the train from an apparent pervert. The series approaches this concept with careful planning as the first episodes builds on the chemistry between the two.

Makoto supports them from behind the lines while offering helpful advice. What I find interesting about the initial setup is how Takeo will learn about love. Clearly, he lacks experience when it comes to relationships. These include going on dates, setting up the right moments, or initiating a first kiss. His outer appearance also doesn’t help the fact that he is often misjudged.

As relationship dynamics is a primary focus in the show, it’s also risky when the story already sets up the main characters as the couple. No, forget set up. How about just bringing them together in union? While the pacing seems a bit abrupt at first, I can honestly say that the show does an appealing job to show their progress as a couple. This is because other characters are introduced to bring out the best of them together. For instance, there’s Ai, Makoto older sister.

While she may seem like a love rival at first, the show quickly makes it clear that the only eyes Takeo has for is Yamato. It shows that he is loyal with his commitments and often tries to prove himself as a worthy boyfriend. Many times throughout the show, Takeo appeals to others (including Ai) for advice. These include reading girls magazines, learning to cook, and even trying to very comically to practice kissing with a friend. We also get a good idea that Takeo wants to be with Yamato both physically and emotionally. As he lacks experience in love, the show inspires ways for Takeo to become better person. This is connected by the relationship Takeo shares with Yamato, Makoto, Ai, and more characters later on. 

In essence, a show like this often puts the couple ahead of others but it isn’t entirely shy to give some supporting characters their own spotlights. Characters such as Saijou and Nanako gets their own exclusive episode while Ai also her spotlight moments with Takeo. In essence, it’ll take patience to watch the show. Luckily, there’s comedy that factors into entertainment. Rather than relying on dirty fan service or shock value, the show has a charming presence of delivering humor. The main part of it comes from the couple of Takeo and Yamato as they show human expressions that you would typically see in any rom-com.

Yamato has the innocent look of a flower while the Sunakawa siblings are designed to look like beauties. It creates a surge of diversity with the main cast that people can feel attached to. And speaking of diversity, the show also ventures to other settings besides school such as the outdoor woods and beach. Lastly, the show’s fan service isn’t relied on showing skin despite having the classic beach episode. Instead, it further progresses the relationship between Takeo and Yamato. From a humorous perspective, the character reactions is what really brings out the entertainment values that fans may crave for. Soundtrack is fairly decorative although not outstanding. The OST and OP theme songs are neat for their ability to portray the style of the show.