Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry | Worth Watching?

Is it worth? Who knows! I’ll let you decide, but first, you’ll need to give it a watch 🙂

The start might not be so convincing, but already after the first episode I knew I would stick with this anime till the end. What makes Rakudai stand out, is that it’s really trying to be a little different. And the outcome is pretty good. At first, this is something we know very well already. We get our protagonist, Ikki, who is known as “the worst one” and has no magical skills. The main girl is a pink-haired tsundere, Stella, who is an A-rank student and princess of another country.

How do these two meet? Of course, he walks in on her in her underwear, yet his reaction was not something you usually see in Your Typical Light Novel Adaptation. And this isn’t the only scene when Rakudai does that – it uses well known schemes but does it in a pretty refreshing way. I wouldn’t call it the most unique anime ever, but does it really need to be very original when it can still be somewhat refreshing and very entertaining while relying on a base we’re familiar with?

What is also worth mentioning is that this is not a harem show! Yeah, really. After the first 2/3 eps there were people making sarcastic comments about it, but they could shut their mouth after a little while. The development of main characters’ relationship is sweet to watch and adds to this anime. Rakudai doesn’t focus on romance that much, but it’s there, it’s noticeable and it is nice to follow. More female characters appear, but Ikki isn’t their love interest (there is one exception, which is his little sister, but no worries, this aspect is also handled well and shouldn’t be found annoying even by people that dislike this kind of characters).
Characters are likeable, they aren’t unique but they’re still fun to watch. Also opponents are more interesting than they usually are in Your Typical Light Novel Adaptation!

Okay, so since this is a “sword action” anime about magic knights, there must be a fair amount of battles. There are battles and they are really well done! They aren’t short but don’t feel too long. The animation is smooth and the battles are full of details. They are really exciting and great to watch! You might even find yourself rewatching some fight scenes – so did I. 
Not only fight scenes are so well done. This show offers really neat art, there are many details, it’s rare to see noticeable deformations in the background, the animation is always smooth and also the authors sometimes used different styles of animation – which turned out really well imo and is yet another thing about this anime that makes it stand out. 

Another thing that makes Rakudai better than Your Typical Light Novel Adaptation is the fanservice! I found it splendid. Sometimes Rakudai goes where most series of this kind don’t have the balls to. And the expierience is even nicer because of the great art. It might not have that much fanservice, but it is of incomparably better quality than it is in most shows of this kind! And it mostly focuses on our beautiful Stella (who is not only good looking, but can be also sweet, supportive and seductive).

The soundtrack doesn’t stand out that much but it doesn’t disappoint either. It’s just good. The opening song is really great though! Fresh and catchy. Definitely one of my personal favorites. The ending song is by my beloved Ali Project so I obviously enjoy it too. For those that don’t like Ali Project’s music, there is a beautiful and fanservicey animation.

This anime does the same thing its protagonist does – it might be labelled as bad since the beginning by some, yet it really tries and the outcome is very satisfying. Sometimes you might even feel like they tried too hard (example: episode 11) but don’t you like it better when they try very hard than when they don’t really care?

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is a well done anime. Even if it might look generic at times, there are things about it that make it feel more fresh and stand out. As a fan of this kind of series, who appreciates interesting fights, good art, quality fanservice, a bit of originality and actual effort put into the show, I enjoyed Rakudai a lot. If you expect good action, smooth and detailed animation, a bit of romance and some high quality fanservice and don’t mind a harmless amount of well handled generic tropes – you might really enjoy it.