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With the amount of mystery, it’s hard to deny that there’s some pacing issues. The first episode only sets up the general concept of the series while the majority of the remaining ones mostly adapts a non-linear story. However, it still offers enough thoughtful mystery-thriller to hook the audience. This is because every mystery involves bones and as each bone is different, there’s a diverse range of ways the series takes interest about itself. Sakurako’s interest about bones is also highlighted easily with her fascination. She’s the type of woman with a level headed coolness and possesses an intimidating intellect.

On the other hand, Shoutarou is more of the typical schoolboy who tries to make a difference. The two are hardly alike but does manage their time together to solve cases. Other prominent characters includes Yuriko, a girl who attends the same school as Shoutarou and sometimes also gets involved with mystery cases. Most of the other characters that we see in the show plays a supporting role that includes a teacher, police officer, or even a family dog. A few of them also gets some characterization but mostly related to the cases. Because the show isn’t really all about the ‘who’ but rather than the ‘why’, the characterization of the series is generally dense.

Mystery shows like this is also crafted by its thrilling atmosphere. There are some episodes that are prime examples of this such as the case of “The Cursed Man”. Then, there are some rather sincere cases about family like the one about Yuriko’s grandmother. This can be a hit or a miss and sometimes can feel distracting. As I’ve mentioned before, pacing of the show is really a nag. At times, it offers a twisty, stylistic mystery with promise while other times leaves disappointment in the eyes of a boring resolution. It still relies on some old school mystery formula and recycled ideas that isn’t so thrilling. This doesn’t help by Shoutarou’s personality as he is a guy with little characterization but plays as more of a supporting player at each case.

Sakurako is also a character that is quite mysterious from the very start. Throughout some episodes, she sometimes gets moments that triggers her past memories. As the show progresses, I think it’s safe to say that sometimes, it’s more about coping with death rather than mysteries themselves. It offers a more realistic side for this show as well as an emotional one based on character stories. It can even feel like the time when you find an old picture album in the attic and appeal with a sense of nostalgia. At other times, the show retorts to its comedic side with some humorous scenarios and dialogues. By general means, the comedy feels pretty natural through conversations. And finally, don’t expect much romance. While the promotional poster seems to look like a teaser, there really isn’t love story angle.

Produced by Troyca, this is their first independent project. Previously, they’ve worked on Aldnoah Zero so do expect some character designs to look familiar such as the case of Shoutaro. But on a visual front, the series is pretty well crafted. Sakurako’s character design is made to look her like a beauty with a haughty personality to reflect her calm nature. The setting also has a serene-like feeling to it with modern decorations and a few noticeable scenes are colored like an art. Prime examples of this includes Sakurao’s declaration when she decides to solve a case. Facial tones are generally standard that expresses their personalities. And finally, we got the bones. While I’m not an expertise at examining bone specimen, I think it’s easy to tell that the show makes them look credible with their structure.

While the soundtrack isn’t anything special, it does carry a quiet atmosphere throughout the show. The series may be a mystery but most of the time retains a style that fits with its lighthearted OST. The OP and ED theme songs also gives away some symbolism with hints about Sakurako.

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