Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan | Worth Worthing?

Is it worth? Who knows! I’ll let you decide, but first, you’ll need to give it a watch 🙂

Saiki, the main protagonist, comically takes being overpowered to a whole new level. He’s basically a god-level psychic that can do anything. He’s smart, has x-ray vision, one punch man level strength, time warping, can change the laws of the universe, has telepathy, teleportation, memory wiping, there’s basically nothing this guy can’t do. The story follows him in his everyday life as he, an extremely superior being, has to deal with ordinary folk. He’s a pretty sarcastic guy and is always doing a hilarious internal commentary about the bothersome events that happen to him throughout the anime. There is no overarching goal of the plot. The pacing is often very fast, but I think that its speediness actually benefits the series because the series continuously hits you with jokes like they’re bullets from a machine gun. I truly cannot imagine how they could have improved the story in this series.

The art style and animation of this anime is honestly pretty average, it doesn’t look bad, but it’s definitively not a high budget work at all, I personally don’t give much value to that since the main objective in this type of stories is to make us laugh, and actually, if used properly, that can work pretty well in their favour, this can be especially be seen in scenes featuring Nendou, where the intention is to make him look as derp as possible and that helps making it even better.

In the sound department, as most of the time with comedies, the songs are quite forgettable and mostly there to simply go along with the events that happen, there is one big exception though, and it’s the “JUDGEMENT KNIGHTS OF” song that follows some Shun scenes and makes them so much better. Both two opening and ending themes are pretty good, especially “Ψ desu I LIKE YOU”, the first ending theme (or the opening one if you watch the shorts), that is a very catchy song.

The show had a huge cast. The good thing about having a huge cast is to have a variety of personalities. This can be both good and bad, depending on the mangaka. Though Saiki uses this to its advantage in a big way, probably the anime’s biggest strength. All, I mean every single character had something to contribute. Every character had a different personality and each personality brought with it, its own brand of humour. From Saiki’s deadpan-sarcastic style to Kaido’s delusions humor to Nendou’s dumb humor to Teruhashi’s obsessed girl, to name a few; like this every character brought something new to the show. Every character a different color in the beautiful painting. None of the character will feel repetitive or tedious. From the moment they enter to the moment they sign off, each character was an absolute delight to watch.