SukaSuka| #Anime Universe

The first few episodes has an atmospheric feel with its world setting, characters, and plot. We meet Willem, the male protagonist who happens to be the last human in a post-apocalyptic world. The show makes it clear that humans are extinct as the anime opens up with a battle scene involving them and the Beasts. Flash forward into the present timeline and we see how the world has changed since then. Now there are floating islands that feel so isolated from each other despite being populated with otherworldly species. One of the most prominent of these species are the Leprechauns, characters who can wield ancient Dug weapons that can destroy Beasts. In the meantime, Willem meets Chtholly, a leprechaun with a mysterious past. The show establishes Willem as a friend, father figure, and comrade for the Leprechauns.

Right off the bat, I can say that SukaSuka’s characters are quite mysterious. Chtholly has a peculiar past that is explored throughout the show. Willem also has a past that I can say it’s too pleasant to remember. Then, there are the Leprechauns. The show creates an eerie feel as it blends them with child innocence and unsettling fear. It’s through revelations that Willem realizes what they really are and their roles in this series. Now, the more I got curious about the show, the more I wonder how the story plans to develop Willem and Chtholly’s relationship. Thankfully, this series doesn’t neglect their presence together and as each episode progresses, we learn more about the both of them. Character chemistry between Willem and Chtholly is also what I describe as charming that develops from friendship to romance.

Willem also serves as a father figure for the younger Leprechauns. And in turn, the Leprechauns seems to grow really fond of him. This also brings a different side of the show as Willem realizes that the Leprechauns has a lack of fear. Because of this, the show makes it clear that Willem wants to avert any tragedy that can bestow on them. This goes to show how much Willem cares about the Leprechauns. It may also be possible that Willem doesn’t want history to repeat itself because of the way humans were wiped out. Regardless of how others treat him, he hopes to be a light of hope in this post-apocalyptic world.

Despite my initial impression of SukaSuka, I still find that the show suffers from several problems that holds itself back. First, the show really doesn’t avoid generic pitfalls you see in typical light novel adaptations. While the show has minimal fan service, it still has the cringe moments between Willem and various female characters. One particular trope are the massages that attempts to make scenes sound much more lascivious than it appears to be.

Not to mention, SukaSuka’s comedy feels really dry at times. It hardly make me laugh and although I realize the show isn’t built for that, it doesn’t even manage to ever draw a chuckle from me. Furthermore, I can’t really say the character relationship building outside of Willem/Chtholly to be worth mentioning. Oh and in terms of adaptation standards, the show does add some original content in attempt to make the story flow better. Does it really work out? That’s for me to know and you to find out.

Taking a look at the animation, I have to admit that SukaSuka captured the atmospheric setting right along with its world fiction. Essentially, the atmospheric setting brings a spiritual feel. The character designs also has variety with the wide range of different hair styles and colors; with a credible reason too beyond just being decorative especially for the Leprechauns. The action is captivating and feels magical with getting its point across.



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