3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 | Episode 1

I thought it would be cool, if I did something different from what I normally do on my blog. If you’ve hung in there with me for awhile, then you may know that for ages now, I’ve been wanting to switch up/add to what I currently do. To add a little bit of variety to everyday life here with at Otaku Central. Like all my other fellow Anime review blogs, I too would like to do a episode-by-episode review on whatever Anime I am watching at the moment.

I personally, don’t know how frequent this segment will happen, nor do I know how long each blog post will be. I personally think it’ll be short and sweet and straight to the point. I don’t expect them to be long. So I would like to welcome you to the first inaugural what I am deeming as “episode review”. Where I share with all of you, my thoughts on the series, episode-by-episode.

For me, this has been an extremely long wait, but I have finally gotten around to watching 3-gatsu no Lion Season 2. Something I’ve been wanting to watch for awhile, but never got around to doing so; but as I now have the time to watch it I thought might as well capitalize on the moment. For those familiar with the Anime already, you know that this Anime is based on Rei Kiriyama and his life as a high school student, but also being hailed as one of the best Shogi professionals in Japan.

Kiriyama, a lifeless, connectionless individual void of a family and friends, a person who lives alone in his apartment. As we follow his journey, the Anime always had a dark, heavy feel to it as it explored his struggles in everyday life. So going into the second season, I thought that it would pick up where it left off and continue with its heavy and emotional theme it built during the first season.

To my surprise, it was actually the exact opposite. Which I thought was a great change of pace. In fact, the first episode had a very nice and light comedic feel to it. We come “face to face” with Kiriyama, participating in a high school club for the first time, a club about shogi (shocker). There he is, teaching two people, rather, watching two people play shogi while he provides tips and pointers throughout the match.

Much of the episode ran with the comedic theme, to the point where there were random parts also associated with the episode. Like for example, towards the end, as Kiriyama’s club is located in one of the science rooms, they end up making dissolvable tablets that provide, I guess, much needed energy to the brain, which allows for it to continue to perform at a high level. Something needed for shogi.

How did we get to that part though? We got to that part because the first episode also shows one of the other characters I think will be prominent within the series, Touji Souya. Whole like Kiriyama, is also a shogi master. But unlike Kiriyama who is currently in school. Souya, is currently participating in a nationally televised shogi tournament, Souya’s match being the one that was being televised that day. As this Anime primarily revolves around shogi, you will of course know that everyone and their mother were focused on this match today.

The first episode, although an odd one (for me personally). I still extremely enjoyed. In large part because this Anime has been one I’ve been looking forward to for awhile now, and also because one thing I absolutely loved about 3-gatsu no Lion was the art of the Anime. To me it’s something so unique and so new. It’s extremely appealing for the eyes, and I think the studio did a great job at continuing on with its excellent art style. A++ from me!



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  1. I found the first couple of episodes to be such downers I had to put the show on the back burner and come back later. Really good episodes but it just hit me personally.

    3Gatsu is, IMHO, one of the best ever made.

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