Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu | #Anime Universe

For those who don’t remember, the story picks up right after the first season as Hendrickson breaks the seal on the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. By doing so, he unleashes a group of powerful demons known as the “Ten Commandments”. Essentially, they are the central antagonists of this season. While we don’t know too much about them, it’s known that they hold a deep grudge against Meliodas for betraying them in the past. The first few episodes establishes their testament in power as one of their members is able to make Meliodas look like a jobber in a one-sided fight.

This implies that the Ten Commandments are more powerful than anything Meliodas and his friends ever dealt with. In terms of characteristics, the Ten Commandments are known for their unique “Commandment” power and various personalities. For new viewers, you may be surprised at how much personality these beings show for their characters. It’s actually somewhat human for characters like Galand’s arrogance, Fraudrin’s manipulative nature, or Monspeet’s politeness. Unfortunately, there’s not much concrete characterization for the Commandments. I blame this mostly on the pacing because the manga explores much more about their past and roles.

There’s actually two sides of the coin regarding the pacing of the show. On the surface, it is indeed slow and some elements of the plot can really be condensed. I actually felt impatient after seeing the season focus so much on characters like Diane and Ban. The latter is actually more important but really should of been shorter than shown on TV. In addition, Meliodas’ past is explored only enough to give viewers an impression of who he is. In essence, it isn’t enough to show the more important side of his role as a “betrayer” to the Commandments. In addition, anime only viewers will probably question what it really means when certain characters call him a “demon” and “former leader”. The other side to look at is how faithful the anime adaptation is. Most chapters cover literally everything from the book with many chapters on a panel-by-panel basis. It’s loyal to the manga readers that really bought the show into what it is. Nothing is changed for fans of the manga especially those who are looking forward to certain scenes to be adapted.

Despite the season focusing on the conflict with the Commandments, new characters are also introduced from the good guy’s side. The most noticeable character is Escanor, the seventh and final member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He makes a hell of an impression that will make viewers hunger for more of his role this season. Other important support characters also make returns that may surprise you.

A-1 Pictures once again uses their resources to adapt this sequel although it actually impressed me for their work. There are certain episodes that really stood out that includes Escanor’s character debut, Meliodas’ confrontation with the Ten Commandments, and Galand’s rampage. Animation quality remains similar to the previous season although A-1 Pictures still falls into the occasional trap of awkward character models. There are also some scenes that didn’t feel as impactful as those in the manga especially in terms of character expressions. However, the battle scenes lived up to its expectations. This especially applies to climatic battles in the latter half of the show that also brings credibility of character power levels.

The music and OST is still composed by Hiroyuki Sawano although I’m a bit disappointed that most of it is just a rehash of the previous season’s. The new theme songs also sounds less impactful.



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