3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 5

An episode about feelings. That was that tale for episode 5 of this lovely Anime. It also continues with Rei’s quest to payback Hina for being his “savior”. At the start of the episode it takes you to Rei’s school where he is confronting his teacher about how to tackle and stop bullying. However, the story didn’t stay around Rei though. Similar to that of episode 4, the dialog and overall theme was about Hina.

This time, instead of covering her own story and path towards a “comfortable” resolution. The focus of the episode shifts to Hina’s older sister, Akari and her struggles she has faced and continues to endure. How did we get to this point? Well, long story short, Akari asked Rei to help her with groceries because there was a sale and being the main cook/provider for her three sister and their grandfather, she bought a ton of food. It was on the way home when she saw how hard Rei was working to pay back Hina, that she thought to herself that he looked a little skinny. Curious, she asked Rei how much he weighed to which he replied with “53kg” (which is considered a little underweight if you’re in 3rd year in high school, in my opinion).

And from then on, the only thing on Akari’s mind, like the true big sister she was, she was going to cook him food, whether or not Rei wanted it or not. Rei, being the nice person that he is, didn’t say no to the meal, but when asked by Akari to help her prep he fullheartly accepts and this is when the episode shifts to Akari and her “story”.

Episode 5 is my second favourite episode so far because Akari talks about the pain and struggles she went through at a young age, losing both her parents at the age of 18. Having to care for both Hina and momo at such a young age. The feelings she felt watching and hearing Hina suffer at the hands of her bullies, that feeling of being helpless. Not knowing what to say or do, or how to make things better for her.

Not wanting to see her sister suffer, she did the only logical thing in her mind, telling her to run away from the bullies and not to face them head on. Because in her mind, you cannot get hurt, you cannot be the target if you run away from your oppressors. Which isn’t an overly terrible mindset, I actually think it’s very reasonable to think that way and to act that way, especially if you don’t know what to do, or how to take action.

Despite how ‘dark’ the topic was (as this episode and last) were about bullying. I thought it provided a very accurate representation of the various feelings different people who involved whether indirectly or directly with the victim(s) and the oppressor(s). But also, the lessons taught both in this episode and the last remain constant and uplifting. That it takes a lot of courage to stand up against bullying and to stand up for what you think is right, however, regardless of the result it’ll always be one you’ll never regret. This episode, I thought the lesson was, regardless of how helpless you may feel, continue to love, care and be there every step of the way because often times, knowing you have support is enough.

Anyway, that is what I took away from this episode today. I personally really enjoyed it. Also, sorry I haven’t been posting tons for the month of March, obviously there are various external factors that are contributing to it. Like the one we’re all currently facing (the pandemic), but I’ll continue to post whenever I find the time!