3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 7

What was this episode? To me, I thought it was a little messy to say the least. It had a variety of things, it had the end result of what I considered to be “Hina’s revenge” at the start of the episode. A conclusion that I thought wasn’t good enough, as it didn’t really, I feel, wrap her arc up well enough. Then we’re presented by Rei’s determination to re-pay Hina and her family, so what does he do? He continues on with his quest to win every tournament so that he could pay them (Hina and family) back monetarily. Just like that the episode comes and goes and jumps right into Rei’s shogi match against Subaru Hachiya, which I would assume to be a supporting character only for this and the next episode.

It just wasn’t fulfilling like the other previous episodes, it lacked a flair to it. Which is really odd to me because to me this Anime is known for being unique and for being very dramatic when it comes down to it. Especially during its shogi scenes, they tend to be really good, well drawn and animated, with emotion showing every step of the way until the conclusion of the match.

Instead, we’re stuck with, what I think to be a very uneventful shogi match. A match where Rei won and the loser (Hachiya), forces Rei to review the match with him in detail. Trying to figure out what he did wrong and how he could improve.

It wasn’t a really entertaining episode, it felt like it was a “filler” episode. Is this a good or bad thing for the Anime? To me, I think it’s a bad thing because I don’t like filler episodes in Anime that is known to be really good. But could this be a very “big studio” move, where they intentionally lower the expectations of the viewer just to ‘wow’ them in the following episode? Probably, you never know. I personally think that would be a very EPIC move on their part. Episode 7 was a very weak episode in my eyes, I don’t how you could go from what I consider to being a cliffhanger in Episode 6, only to just put an end to that build up towards the beginning of the episode.

Say for example, Madhouse FINALLY made a second season to No Game No Life, picking up where they left off, where Miko summoned Old Deus, only for them to come down and present themselves to be moe characters and were easily beatable. Do you know how boring and how killer to the Anime that would be as a whole? You build it up over the Anime only for it to be killed in a matter of minutes. That’s what I think happened here with Episode 7, you take the previous few episodes to build up to this one moment in time, only to have it resolved within like the first 15 minutes to what I consider to be no proper conclusion. It’s kind of lame.

Anywho, thanks for reading, I will see you next time!