Kakushigoto | Episode 2

Episode 2 for what it’s worth is a very messy episode. Like the first one, there is a ton of stuff happening at every given time during the 23 minutes. You’re watching an Anime where you’re switching scenes and places every 10 minutes, one minute you’re in an office, another minute you’re in a cabin, another minute you’re in a store. It’s all over the place. The various emotions displayed during the episode are all over the place as well, similar to the constant switching of scenes, one time they’re happy, another time they’re sad, and another where they’re all cynical.

Apart from the all over the place style, I think this Anime has, one thing is for certain, the art this Anime has is starting to grow on me. While it does look very simplistic and plain, there is something about it that is growing on me; actually, as a matter of fact, I think it’s because it’s very simplistic is the reason why it’s starting to grow on me. We’re in an era, where generally speaking, a lot of the Anime today, feel rather similar to art style and quality. To the point where like all stories today, everything starts to blend together blurring the line between each Anime.

Having an Anime which is drawn and animated simply, to me, is something new. Having that one anime or two that you know is slightly different from the usual, I think resets your mind a little because, it in a way, resets your expectations for anime in general.

Running away from my little rant, there is something you notice right away about this Anime. The father (Kakushi) is a mangaka, recognized for drawing inappropriate manga, and does whatever humanly possible by him and his workers from hiding his work away from his daughter; someone whom he’d go to great lengths to ensure that she is living her best and happy life. What is clearly evident about this relationship is the extremely strong father-daughter connection they have.

Another thing you’ll notice, which is something I noticed, so I am sure you’ll notice it. Is how the episode ended. The end of the episode ended, by showing Hime all grown up and by that I mean, either in middle school or high school. Walking into her father’s empty and abandoned home, rummaging through her father’s old work. Listening to her speak, it gave the impression that her father was no longer with her because she was talking about the past and the happy life she once shared with him. This was made apparent when she said to herself, she was scared to find out what her father did because she was scared that whatever she found would ruin the happy life she had with her father.

Do we know what happened? Not a clue. Will we be told what happens? Oh god, I hope so. I think that’s a story I can get behind. After all, this Anime is about herself and her father, and the life they once had. That alone is enough to keep me watching and that is something I will be doing!

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  1. This is one of my favorite series from this season. It is funny. charming, and a bit emotional all at once. I love the cast of characters so far and they play off of one another so well. Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with a potential tragedy with Kakushi but I do like how we get the time skips for a few minutes each episode. Great post!

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