Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 2

To me, the second installment of Love is War 2nd Season , in my opinion, should also be nicknamed “Kaguya’s episode” an episode where she keeps winning every victory. This was an episode where Kaguya battled with her emotions, while also trying to get closer and closer to Shirogane. How you might ask? Well the first part of the first episode is her trying to get close to his sister while they were shopping a day before his birthday. Her mission, of course, was to find out what she could possibly give Shirogane on his birthday.

Her mission didn’t go all too well though because she ended up becoming mesmerized by Shirogane’s little sister, Kei. As the only thing racing through Kaguya’s mind was how similar she thought Kei was to him. How Kaguya acted throughout the entire scene was very entertaining. Kaguya, who thought everything Kei did mimicked that of her brother; she (Kaguya) did the hilarious thing of pretending that Kei was actually him and whenever possible, Kaguya gushed and fangirled over her because in Kaguya’s mind, Kei was Shirogane.

The latter half of the episode really explored Kaguya’s internal struggle with pride and love. What is very evident with this episode is that kaguya’s affection and admiration for Shirogane has grown from a lot since the last season. You can really, really see it when she’s trying to figure out what she wanted to do for his birthday. Whether or not she should give him a present and whether or not she should also give him a cake. Fast forward a few minutes and the anime puts you right back in the student council room, just the two of them together. This is where you see an internal battle for her begin. You have one side of her, the “affection and admiration” side of her persuading her that happiness and her love for Shirogane should come first. While her other half, her pride. Is telling her that this is affinity she has for him is very minor and that there are other people who in the world who are better suited for her. Someone better who will live up to and bring glory and pride to the Shinomiya name.

Ultimately, after much bickering, the question was asked “What do you want to do?” and low and behold, Kaguya did something she never thought she would do, and “celebrate” Shirogane’s birthday. All be it that its very minor in what she did, offering him a slice of cake and a little present. However for her it meant a lot because she finally was able to do something she never thought she could do. Which is properly should affection to him. This was a very big step for a person who carries a lot of pride.

That’s why I personally enjoyed this episode. While there were many moments of comedy and doesn’t sell you short of their main goal, which is to make the other person say “I like you” first. A goal which is finding more extreme and funny ways to go about accomplishing that goal. It also shows, that love knows no bounds, especially when you’re an individual who is as prideful as Kaguya.



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