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Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 3

It’s only episode 3 and it already feels like the end of the Anime. For obvious reasons, it is not the end of the episode as we all know. However, the way the end of the episode played out it certainly felt like the end. As a matter of fact, if they made the latter half of the 3rd episode the entirety of the last episode (episode 12), then I would have been satisfied with the conclusion of the 2nd season to Love is War.

The school year was drawing to a close, and this current student council, the 67th student council’s term was coming to an end. As this anime is a comedy, there is a bunch of it at the start of the anime. As their time together is drawing to a close, they decide to do something together, one last time. That thing they decided to do together was stargazing. Something Shirogane was hard pressed on doing, in large part because he’s always had a passion and interest in stars even from an young age.

Kaguya, who has slowly been stepping up her game/tactics to make Shirogane confess his feelings for her first, seized the opportunity of a rooftop stargaze to with Shirogane and began to rig a “trap” for him to say the words “I like you” first. However, her plan she thought would work, as per usual failed and she was the victim of Shirogane’s absolutely intense fixation and fascination with the stars.

Who would have thought that a Shirogane stargazing, is a whole different person from how he usually is on other episodes. Who would have thought that someone who is very reserved in nature, would be so transformed and hands-on, *very* hands-on without even knowing it. Kaguya learned just how hands-on he was. She was the “victim” of him pulling her close to him by the shoulder, as he taught her about the stars. The “victim” of him pulling her down onto the blanket they were sitting on, his hand holding the back of her head as he continued his talk about the stars and constellations. While Kaguya’s plan didn’t work, she still got what she wanted at the end.

Jumping to the end of the episode now, as previously mentioned at the start of this post, the school year as come to a close, and it was now time to clean out the student council room for the next student council. For some reason they made this part extremely emotional, the OST playing in the background was very dramatic and had a very sad vibe to it. It also didn’t help that as they were cleaning out room, they were coming across all the old stuff they did together, all the games and all the events they participated in together.

Like me talking about it through text does not give the end to this episode justice. It was so good, it pulled at the right heartstrings. It felt like it was the end of something fun, the end of an experience that will never be experienced again. Not even words and properly describe the various emotions the end of the episode made you feel. I personally loved it.

One thing that it did do however, is reaffirm that Shirogane will once again be running for student council President but it also gave a little bit of foreshadowing on the new character(s) they will be introducing into the series. Both of which you can see in the cover art for the Anime. I am really looking forward to the next few episodes, I think it’ll be fun and it’ll be interesting to see how the whole dynamic changes as the anime starts to introduce to us new characters.

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