Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 4

Simply wonderful. I’ve mentioned several times now that each episode since the airing of this anime has essentially been my favorite episode one way or another. But as of right now, this episode sure takes the cake (until another better episode comes down the line).

The episode starts off in Kaguya’s room where Kaguya and her maid Ai are having a conversation about everyone’s favourite topic Shirogane. Like how it is for every episode, Kaguya’s main problem is that she is not able to keep her emotions in check whenever she’s around kaguya doubled by the fact that she’s determined to make Shirogane confess his affection for her first. Ai, being frustrated by the lack thereof advancement by Kaguya says she could do a better job at “seducing” Shirogane. In which case, Kaguya welcomes her to try.

That is what the beginning part of the episode was about. Ai showing Kaguya how easy it actually was for her to get Shirogane to “pay attention” to her. Obviously, she was challenged to make Shirogane like her all be it, it was also given a very strict condition, that Ai would have to make Shirogane like her within 1 day. Something she fails to achieve, but says she could have done it if she was given more than a day. That part wasn’t all that entertaining, if anything, I mostly enjoyed Kaguya’s reaction throughout the whole thing because she was there watching every move — which was both funny and creepy at the same time.

That part, however, was not the real “stuff” of the episode, like it has been for the past few episodes, the latter half of the 25 or so minutes is where the anime really shows it’s true colours. It is now election time at their school, Shuchiin Academy. If you watched the last episode, which I am assuming you did, then you would know that Shirogane the current President was running for re-election. With his team, Fujiwara and Ishigami. They begin to mount a campaign for his re-election, however, there is only one problem. As Shirogane is an older student, the students who make up the first years, don’t know who he is, and he doesn’t know if he’s popular enough amongst them to gain their support. So then he begins his quest, to find someone who’ll be able to write campaign speeches that would connect with them and for that task, he chooses Kaguya.

Now this is the part that I loved the most. Upon coming to the conclusion that he wanted Kaguya to write the speeches for him, he went to her classroom to ask her if she wanted to do it, however, he didn’t know how he would go about asking her. In comes Ai, who asks if he was looking for someone in the classroom, to which he replied “Yeah, Shinomiya”. Ai being the clever and insightful person that she is (as she knows that the two have feelings for eachother). Walks into the filled classroom and yells “The President want to speak to you”. All eyes now were on Kaguya and Shirogane.

What came out of the mouth of Shirogane was probably the most vague sentences ever heard, ones that would spark gossip “It’s about what we could do together…” there was more to that sentence, however, no one in the room heard it because they were too busy gasping, the next line he says is “I don’t want to discuss it here, so meet me behind the building after school”. You cannot tell me that those two sentences being said outloud will not spark literal widespread rumors that Shirogane was going ask Kaguya out. What made that even more funny to me is that everyone in the school, literally goes to the back of the building to watch this talk between Kaguya and Shirogane happen.

Shirogane doesn’t notice a thing until he comes face-to-face with Kaguya, and notices literally hundreds of eyes everywhere watching the event go down. That’s when it finally clicked, everyone in the school thought that he was going to confess his love for her there, and everyone was around to watch it. All Shirogane wanted to do was ask Kaguya if she wanted to write his speeches, so wanting to “correct” his mistake, this time he whispered his question “Can you be incharge of my campaign speeches”, which shocked Kaguya because it wasn’t what she expected to happen, however, in response she whispered.


Immediately after that, Kaguya asked if they should get out of there, in which case Shirogane agreed and you see them two running as fast as they could. As an angry student body ran after them because they couldn’t hear the response, but seeing as the two got real close to one another, I guess one can assume that Kaguya said “yes” to the question that was never asked.

Why was this my favourite episode? Again, just putting it into words does not give this episode justice. The sequence of events leading up this moment was awesome and funny. The reactions of the bystanders and the roles the supporting characters played in amplifying the build up to the meeting behind the building really added to the moment. Also, on top of that, given how Kaguya and Shirogane handled the situation at the ever end was very funny to me because only them two know the question that was asked and the answer given. Leaving everyone in the school guessing as to what was actually said. Chances are though now, every episode after this one will probably be made under the assumption that they are dating as determined by their own student body. Little did they all know, that all this happened because Shirogane wanted Kaguya to be in charge of the campaign speeches and that’s why I love this episode the most.



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