Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 5

Author’s note: You’ll notice that this blog post today is very short, there wasn’t much to talk about today. However, regardless of that, hope you have a good read 🙂

Another wonderful aspect about this Anime is that everything about it is very episodic. So while there is an underlying theme (Getting either Shirogane or Kaguya to say “I like you” first), one cannot forget that this anime is also a comedy and leans heavily on that aspect.

To me personally, I think this episode, compared to the others, is probably one of the weaker ones. I thought the anime was a little more all over the place compared to the usual. This anime at times could feel rather disorganized but it all works because all the arcs in some way, connected. However, today’s episode felt a little more random because there wasn’t too much of a connection between the arcs; and to me I didn’t really like that.

I think having some type of uniformity or connection between the arcs no matter how small. That is something which I felt lacked for today’s episode. We go from Shirogane’s “strange” look because his eyes look different from the normal, to Shirogane being taught how to sing by Fujiawara because he doesn’t know, rather is terrible at singing, then finally we move to Kaguya trying to influence their school elections by having the other candidates drop out only to have it backfire in her face, when Miko lino (a first year candidate)’s ambition and determination to win trumps Kaguya’s determination to have Shirogane as the sole candidate running in their school’s election.

To me that kind of feels all over the place to me and is why I didn’t find it too entertaining. In hindsight I probably expected too much from this anime too soon, based on the first few episodes. It’s mainly a romantic comedy after all, I should expect much from it, if anything, I should expect a laugh or smile; something you don’t get if you expect something to live up to your own standards.