Yesterday wo Utatte | Episode 1

Having been on a mission to catch up with my other anime I am watching Love is War 2nd Season (and being able to) as shown by this new episode review on another anime airing this season. Yesterday wo Utatte is the polar opposite and to me that is a really nice refresher. Compared to a ComedyPsychologicalRomanceSchool, and Seinen, we get a Slice of LifeDramaRomance, and Seinen; a combination a quite like for anime that try to be more real.

For starters, I love the art style of the anime. It departs from what is considered by me anyway, “usual” anime style, otherwise known as the mainstream; and presents something that feels like a sketch. It’s an art style I particularly like especially when it’s used for what I consider to be more “chill” anime. What I personally like even more about this anime is that everything about it so far (based on the first episode), feels like it’s a story that could very well happen in real life.

A lot of the topics already covered by the anime are things normal everyday people can relate to and in some way or another have experienced it already. Which is something I particularly enjoy. I do not want to go in depth in regards to what topics are discussed but I think they are everyday topics you and I think about. As we watch all our friends and family succeed in life, living lives they want to live, doesn’t seeing their success compared to your own shortcomings feel as though you’re a failure? That while you work part-time jobs to make ends meet, but everyone around you is working full-time jobs, does that mean we’re not good enough? Is it because we didn’t push ourselves when we had to, work hard when we should have, studied when we could have, made friends when we had the opportunity to? Is it because we didn’t do all those things that our lives as of right now can be seen as a failure?

These were sort of the topics covered during the first episode. All of which I think are very relatable topics and that to me, is what draws me to this anime. If this is the kind of stuff this anime will bring into the fold, then by all means BRING IT ON. I LOVE THAT STUFF. Anime that try to take a realistic approach in regards to general feel (taking place in a real life setting), is anime I adore because of how relatable it can be to the viewer. I am looking forward to the other 17 episodes!