Kakushigoto | Episode 3

You know what? I think the anime is starting to grow on me. Even though I decided to take time away from the anime to watch other shows (a nice break too), coming back to this show to watch episode 3 felt really fresh and nice to slowly work myself back into the anime. Out of all the three episodes I’ve watched to date, without a shadow of a doubt, episode 3 is my favourite episode.

It was my favourite episode because of how smoothly everything went, it didn’t feel like a cluster of random episodic scenes wrapped under an “umbrella” episode. Everything felt connected in one way or another, which I personally really enjoyed. However, that being said, there were scenes that were inconsistent, like for example, midepisode, they decide to modernize their office, with computers, printers, sketchpads etc. Then immediately afterwards, they cut back to another scene in their office, and all the upgrades they did maybe 10 to 15 minutes ago vanished, as if it never happened. I am not too fussed about it though because as all comedy anime tend to be episodic and not everything is meant to follow in succession of each other.

Another thing that deemed this episode in particular, my favourite episode to date, is because you (the viewer) is starting to be shown, little by little, the relationship the two (kakushi and Hime) had for each other. kakushi going to unnecessarily great lengths to please her daughter, only to find out that Hime is happy and content just being with him. That alone is very loving and I quite like that.

Now, if you’re very obsevant, then you would have noticed that I had underlined the word had, which I mentioned the father-daughter relationship kakushi had with her daughter Hime. I don’t know if I mentioned this in my last blog, so I maybe repeating myself, however, I think it’s safe to assume that her father is no longer in her life, I personally think, he passed away. Here is why I think that, for starters, at the beginning of the episode when an older Hime is combining through a home seemingly identical to the one she and her father lived in when she was little, there were countless flashbacks to those times. Also, if you watch the episode in its entirety (including OP and ED), then you’ll notice that midway through the OP, it shows Hime through the various stages of her life, from child to teen; and at each stage her father was there too beside her, however, once Hime reached the “teen” stage in the scene, her father is no longer beside her. There are various other things that bring me to that conclusion, however, I assume you too caught onto those clues too (if you’re watching the anime too).

As I am a person who loves happy ending, I feel like this episode given the direction of how it’s going is going to lead us to something bittersweet. Will my heart be able to cope with it at the end of the anime? Probably not, I am a softy when the story itself is good. Which I think is something this anime is really going towards, the first few episodes were rocking, but episode 3 feels like its starting to pull itself together. Will this anime end up being one of my favourites as time goes by? Who knows, only time can tell. If it’s going to end how I think it will end, then it may be added onto my “Favourite Anime” list when it’s all said and done.



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