Yesterday wo Utatte | Episode 4

Episode 4 is probably one of the “heavier” anime in regards to emotions. This episode, was also directed towards, Shinako, Rou and Yuu. Point of clarification of course, Shinako and Rou are childhood friends, Shinako sees Rou as a little brother, while Rou has feelings for Shinako. Yuu was the older brother of Rou, however, he passed away 6 years ago. While Yuu was still around Shinako always took care of him, so that relationship, though I would assume anyway, that Shinako considers Rou and Yuu family, that she had feelings for him. After all, this episode was about moving on.

This episode we saw a lot of things. We saw Shinako and her inability to move on from Yuu’s death, shoot down Rou when he confused his feelings for her. Which, speaking from technicalities standpoint, cannot happen because Shinako is a high school teacher a Rou high school and student-teacher relationships are a big no-no. However, he was denied because like I said previously, Shinako only viewed him as a little brother and nothing more than that. Something Rou is frustrated with because he thinks Shinako see him as a lesser Yuu, and challenges her on the basis of “Why am I an little brother to you, when you had feelings for my brother” sort of deal. Which is something she denies too.

Another thing we saw, was that although Rou was rejected by Shinako, like Haru, is determined to make Shinako like him. Which I guess adds a little spice to the anime. We now have two characters Rou and Haru who are determined to make the person who they like, like them back, through different ways of course. That also means, the other two characters to this equation, Shinako and Rikuo are the individuals who do not full understands their true feelings as of yet. Shinako still, I guess, in admiration of Yuu, while Rikuo like Rou will eventually try to make Shinako like him too. Just one big mess if I do say so myself.

Long story short, why is this episode about moving on? Well, it’s because today, in this episode, Shinako goes back home to visit Yuu. Still distraught by Yuu’s death, she spends the entire day at the Hayakawa house. There Yuu’s father brings out a box that had a bunch of Yuu’s old school supplies and brings the back to Shinako as the two mourned together. Here, Yuu’s father mentions how he’ll be renting the house out as they’ll (Rou and himself) will be living in the city for the foreseeable future. He also teaches Shinako a valuable lesson, that it’s okay to forget and to move on. You cannot let the loss of someone who you cared about rule your life, their life should be celebrated. All of which are important lessons.