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Yesterday wo Utatte | Episode 5

Episode 5, I guess is the outlier to the whole series. It didn’t really add much to the ongoing story, all it really did was add an extra layer to an already complicated love octagon, as I view it anyway. Today’s episode introduce a new player to the anime, however, only for one episode, Minato. Who had feelings for Haru, to which he confessed his feelings to, but ended up getting rejected by her because obviously she had feelings for Rikuo. Very little is really given about Minato, which is expected as he serves as a supporting character. However, from what is given to us, he’s a very introverted guy who like Rikuo likes taking pictures.

The only real connection it had to the ongoing story was that you could see the relationship between Haru and Rikuo grow every so slightly. This is shown one scene when Haru was walking home with Minato, and Shinako was walking home with Rikuo that one night. The two magically cross paths on their walks home and with the text that follow after their little encounter, you can see both Rikuo and Haru take issue with one another walking with another person other than themselves.

That’s pretty much all that happened this episode, a rather boring one to say the least. It wasn’t really entertaining, it just added another loop to an already complicated love octagon.

Let me show you how complicated this love octagon is:

If anything, I think the clear winner here (to a certain agree) is Shinako because she likes no one.

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