Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 6

Happy election day! That is the topic of today’s episode. What a wonderful way to introduce a new character to the whole dynamic already established by the anime. What I thought was cool about this anime was that it highlighted certain personalities of the anime, like for example, Kaguya’s ability to attract everyone’s attention, her ability to influence a certain outcome (through shady ways) and her ability to articulate her thoughts into words. Her manipulative nature is very intense but also extremely captivating.

We then are introduced to Miko Lino’s personality. Someone who is extremely passionate about what she believes in, not matter how outlandish it may sound to other people. It is shown during the debate between herself and Shirogane as they debated on stage. Miko is the type of person to not only someone who believes in their ideals, but is also one to backup her own ideals with reason and will do whatever it takes to prove her point right. It’s a very admirable personality, live by the sword, die by the sword.

It also highlights Shirogane’s personality quite well too. He is the complete opposite of Kaguya. While she rules by way of manipulation. Shirogane is one to include people and to help out anyone who needs it. Like for example, Miko, once it was her turn to give her speech, her usual overly confident self, shriveled up in front of the microphone. Shirogane being a very honourable person, decided to intervene by way of getting on stage and challenging her manifesto. He recognized that Miko needed a little push, a little nudge in the right direction. He didn’t want her to embarrass herself in front of everyone alone, he stood on the stage with her and debated with her to give he strength and to help her not feel alone. That was a very admirable of Shirogane. Reinforced by the fact that after winning the election (shocker), he offered Miko a spot on the student council because he recognizes the fight within her.

One thing this episode taught me was that, high school student council elections are sketchy. The current/former student council (however you view them) sure know how to make sure the most people listen/vote for their President. You have Kaguya doing the dirty work, Fuijiwara and Ishigami making sure there are not disruptions during Kaguya’s speech and you have Ai doing a little small talk in amongst the crowd of students “admiring” the work the student council did last term. Quite the operation for a student council election.

All that beint said, don’t you worry, there was some comedy at the end of it all. The following day, when the election results were posted, Kaguya mentioned how she hasn’t slept for days because she was too busy getting people to vote for Shirogane. That she fainted and brought to the medical office at their school to recover. Worrying? no, not really because immediately when she wakes up from her nap she starts to freak out because Shirogane hasn’t asked her to be on the student council. And being someone whom we know now to be “obsessed” with Shirogane, she went absolutely ballistic, assuming worst case scenario. Her overreaction to the whole thing was very fun to watch for sure, especially the various edits made to the scene itself made it even more entertaining.

Little did she know that cleaning up a gym after an election is hard work, because you know, a lot of chairs! But it’s okay, she got what she wanted, Shirogane asked her to be his Vice President “… Be the Vice President. I need you”. Music to Kaguya’s ears while she hid under the blanket from Shirogane. The next episode is going to be a fun one, because now, we’re going to see how Miko fits into the whole dynamic of the student council.

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