Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 7

It’s comedy time! Today’s topic underwear! Why underwear? Oh, who knows? The trouble the two, Shirogane and Kaguya go through misinterpreting everything they say to one another is always entertaining. This episodes shows more of the perverted side to the anime, with Kaguya wanting to know what kind of underwear Shirogane wears so she decides to ask him straight up, while Shirogane here, interprets that as, whatever he answers will the underwear Kaguya wears for him. Quite a wear start to the Anime if I do say so myself.

Then we move onto the next arc, in Kaguya’s effort to make up for “yesterday’s” misunderstanding, she offers Shirogane a nice and relaxing hand massage. Which if you haven’t gotten one before, can be something really nice but also extremely painful at the same time. To which we’re presented by very fun illistration such as this;

We also see an extremely *tiny* bit of Miko (the new student council member) throughout the anime. However, she is very shy as she never once actually enters the room throughout the anime, only towards the end. Whenever she does try to enter the room though, she always walks into scenes that, I guess you can say, leave much in the way of interpretation. Like for example, Miko walks in during Kaguya’s hand massage, however, by that point she (Kaguya) was about to “forcefully against his will” give him a back massage, to which the following scenes happened;

Like come on, if you’re a first year, being invited to join the student council in that first year; and you walk in on the Vice President and President of the student council at your high school doing something extremely out of context with lines being said extremely out of context and leave so much room for interpretation, like the pictures I just shown you. How would you react?

What I find even more funny, is that all she (Miko) sees of Shirogane is his head throughout the whole scene, his arms trying to free himself. Everything about it all leads to something very entertaining to watch. Along with the amazingly timed soundtracks playing in the background to further intensify each situation, whether that be an overreaction, over exaggeration, a comedic point in the anime, or something extremely out of context like the scene above. It makes it awesome.

This was certainly, the highlight of my day for sure.



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