Kakushigoto | Episode 5

I think today’s blog is going to be a rather short one, as there isn’t much to really talk about. I think I have said this before, however, I feel as though, this episode is probably the weakest one to date; it didn’t really hit for me. I found myself several times throughout the anime, feeling the urge to skip a few second forward during the anime whenever we were presented with something very slow.

For obvious reasons I didn’t do that, but the urge was definitely there. Furthermore, the comedy presented in today’s anime didn’t really stick with my either, it felt rather dry and bland at different points of the anime. Like all anime wanting to convey a point through an episode, its characters must be able to talk. However, I thought the characters were talking too much, rather, there were too many individuals talking throughout my liking; it kind of gave a rather clustered and messy feel to the episode. You as a view weren’t able to properly understand or follow what was happening at any given point.

This is further compounded by the fact that, as I’ve mentioned before, this is a comedy. Which gives every episode a very episodic feel, with the 25 or so minutes of the episode being filled by different arcs and stuff of that nature. You put that episodic feeling with the fact that each character is talking absurd amounts throughout the anime and you’re presented with a product that is too messy and not entertaining nor enjoyable.

I guess, the only real saving grace of the anime is of course, the ending, where we flip back to the present which is a teenaged Hime standing in front of boxes labelled with 17. Where we’re shown the following images;

And like I always do, at the end of these blogs, especially in regards to Kakushigoto, it feels as though we’re going to get hit really hard with the feels. I don’t know what happened to Goto, nor do I want to find out in large part because I don’t want to get hit with that wave of emotions anime is really good at inducing. That feeling of whenever a character experiences something extremely sad or tragic that causes them to think about it constantly. I am not looking forward to that feeling, not one bit.



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