Kakushigoto | Episode 6

Time to pull a full 180 degrees! This is what this episode did today. Last episode, was all comedy and if you’ve read my last blog on episode 5 then you would know my true feelings about that particular episode. But if you watched episode 6 immediately after, like I did then, like me you would agree that this episode pulls a full 180 degrees.

As Kakushigoto, only has a total of 12 episodes that are planned to air for this season (Spring 2020). Then you know it’s about that time when all airing anime start to, I guess, “wrap up” and start gearing towards the eventual conclusion of the anime. Which I think episode 6 is setting the stage for exactly that. We’re presented with many things throughout the anime, a new “player” the dynamic of Kakushigoto and the cast. This time in the form of what is implied as Hime’s grandfather, or the father of Hime’s late mother. He is referred to as “Naoto Date”; and I think he’ll be playing a larger role throughout the anime.

He plays a major role throughout the anime. The stage is set when Naoto Date, gifts Hime a backpack. Something Goto isn’t too happy about because he sees it as a privilege bestowed upon family members, not “strangers” something Goto sees Naoto Date as. For what reason does he consider Hime’s grandfather, and his late wife’s father a stranger, who knows? However, from that alone it implies that the two of them do not have a very good relationship. This is only driven home when late at night Naoto Date and Goto meet.

Naoto asks Goto, what would he do if Hime brought home a person she would like to marry, but that person is a mangaka and is the author of an “inappropriate” manga (Balls of Fury), would you as a parent allow that? To which Goto says without hesitation “Of course I wouldn’t!” Naoto replies with “See?” before driving off.

It shows that Naoto resents Goto. That he doesn’t approve of him or his career path. It’s something Goto can relate to now since he’s a father. Goto understood how Naoto felt when that particular scenario was presented to him. This is when doubt fills his mind as Goto thinks if whether or not he should continue on with his career.

You can feel the stage slowly start to build up. Goto has always done what was best for his daughter, he did whatever made her happiest, he did all this while trying to hide from her what he truly did. However, I feel like this anime is progressing to a point where Goto will be eventually face with an ultimatum that will lead him to do what’s best for Hime. Since Hime’s grandfather showed up this episode, I think Goto will eventually have to make the decision of letting Hime go live with him. I hope I am wrong though because the bond Hime and Goto have has only strengthened with every passing episode, and seeing the two separated will really hurt me as a person.

We end the episode, once again going back to the present. Hime finally opens the box with the label 17 and within it is a manga about a father, mother and daughter living a “mundane life”. Something she admits is something she’s always dreamed off and I am sure is something Goto wanted. But seeing how it played out, I think Hime knows more than the anime is letting on and that alone adds a WHOLE other element to the anime.

Could it be that Hime knew that her father was an manga artist, and was only playing dumb in order to make him happy? But because she played dumb, it constantly had her father on edge as he tried to provide that mundane life he wanted to provide for her. A mundane life she was robbed of, at least that’s what I think anyway. Looking forward to the next complete episodes now!