Kakushigoto | Episode 7

As expected, Naoto is starting to play of a role within the anime; a role from afar. This is noticed at certain points of the anime. Like for example, Goto promises Hime that he would get her a dog, however, when he breaks the news to her that all the puppies from the litter he wanted to adopt a dog from, had all already found their forever homes, she was heartbroken. Not being able to see her daughter sad, Goto rushes out of the home in search for a place where he can find a puppy to give to his beloved daughter. This is when Naoto comes out of nowhere and hands Goto a puppy for Hime saying it’s a “Fourth generation” dog. How did he find out? Only the Anime gods know.

Why does Naoto saying that the dog is a “fourth generation” dog you might ask? It’s because, later on in the episode, Naoto gifts Goto a painting of what looked like to be of Hime holding a dog. It is later explained that the painting was of Hime’s mother holding her dog. The dog in question belong to Hime’s mother and the dog itself was the “First generation”. Meaning, what Naoto is doing, is he is slowly starting to link Hime ever closer to her mother through any means.

One thing that I forgot to mention in my last blog, was that Naoto Date, looks to be a person of very high standing because he is driven everywhere by a driver. This point is re-enforced by the fact that during the episode Naoto gifts Hime a baby grand piano and asks Goto to find her a “good teacher” for piano lessons. Again, I think this is Naoto’s way of slowly getting her granddaughter accustomed to a “high standard” of living even if it be against the wishes of Goto who is trying to give her daughter a normal life.

Everything is starting to unfold now. The background story we never thought we’d see from a Slice of LifeComedyShounen is starting to poke out from behind a curtain and I quite like it.

I’d like to end this very short blog post today, being showing the crazy foreshadowing presented to us when we go back to the “present”. See the picture below for more!



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