Tsurezure Children | Episode 2

Episode 2: Confessions Part 2

Another episode where we’re presented with even more characters; another episode where these characters either discover that they like each other, or are struggling to tell one another that they like the other person. This narrative really does play into the synopsis of the anime if you really think about it. Similar to the first episode, episode 2 explores, well, attempts to explore the feelings one experience when they’re trying to confess their love to someone for the first time; and just like the first episode, we’re presented with four new characters, who just like the first 6, have a hard time either confessing their feelings, or discover a love they never thought they had for someone.

What bothers me most though, a point of worry that is also relevant in the first episode, is just the lack of general storytelling and backstory. A lot of the characters confessing their feelings or discover their feelings for another person, just happen out of the blue. Or one particular case, they discover their affection for someone through just talking with the person for roughly 3 minutes. To me, I personally don’t really like that. As you know, I personally enjoy a gradual build up in regard to character relationships, or a background story explaining the relationship between two characters. Having that little build up, regardless of small the build up actually is, I think anyway, is extremely important to the success of an anime. Something I didn’t mention in my first blog post about this anime, is that the anime Tsurezure Children is genred as a ComedyRomanceSchool, and Shounen; and like all anime that contain the “comedy, romance, and school” genres, you’re bound to see more comedy than anything else.

But hey, I guess there are always sacrifices needed to be made, especially when your episodes are only 12 minutes in length. There is only so much you can squeeze within that timeframe and when you’re competing with our studios in a very competitive industry. To continue to operating as a studio you have to grab people’s attention, you have to get them to watch the anime. The only way to properly do that is to appeal to the mainstream, but to also, specialize in one genre even if that means sacrificing on other aspects.

Overall, this episode is okay. Nothing has really popped out at me just yet, but we’ll see what happens still got plenty of episodes to watch.



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