Alice to Zouroku | Anime Universe

The first episode shows Sana escaping from a facility and eventually, she encounters Zouroku, a florist with a seemingly mysterious past. We quickly learn that Sana is far from ordinary as she is able to materialize objects out of thin air and perform inhuman feats. The story evolves from here as we learn more about Sana and how she adapts with her new life.

Confession time. A show like this can set off some red flags. I have to admit, the first few episodes could really be a make or break for fans. It’s easily noticeable that the show bounces between supernatural thriller to slice of life drama. This could be a bit distracting at times and even annoying for fans who is interested in a specific genre. In the meantime, Sana is a character that is inevitably the main focus of the show. In terms of character relationships, the most dynamic one is between her and Zouroku. Their relationship feels like daughter and father although it starts off rocky at first. Zouroku wants to get rid of her after realizing that her power can cause havoc in his life. However as time passes, he grows to accept her and even care about Sana’s well-being. It’s also important to note that Zouroku teaches valuable lessons to Sana about being taking responsibility for using her powers and not always be reliant on them. In respect, Sana undergoes changes (both physically and mentally) and even becomes fiercely protective of Zouroku. She also begins to make friends and through them, she understands the world better.

When I began watching this show, I often wonder how Sana can make friends with such a powerful ability. Also known as the Alice’s Dream, it’s an ability that she can use to materialize anything by imagination. This god-like power has potential to change the world. What’s interesting is that Sana still displays the characteristics like a normal girl. She is normal enough to make friends, learn about everyday life, and like most kids, she is very curious about things around her. This extends to where she goes, the people she meets, and how she responds to them. A good portion of this show makes me realize that Sana is very relatable to any kids of her age. It’s through her personality that she is able to make friends with others including former enemies like Hinagiri siblings. At the same time, she is also protective of others that she cares about. When powerful individuals show up later in the show, we can see how Sana expresses her anger when characters like Zouroku and Sanae are put in danger. They are like family to her and she is eager to protect them at all cost.

When it comes to visuals, Alice to Zouroku excels at making its modern setting feel real. Whenever fantasy elements are present, the show is able to draw attention to them with impressive aesthetics. However, I do have a mixed feeling about the character designs. It’s not necessary unwatchable but not visually impressive especially with characters like Zouroku who looks just like a plain old man. Furthermore, some of the CGI in early episodes can be very distracting. On the other hand, the producers did a wonderful job at choreography with high tense action sequences. The animation during those scenes are also very clean and showcases character abilities to their fullest. Similarly, I also find the theme songs likable as it has the fantasy feel with its colorfulness.

When it comes to soundtrack, this show offers a variety that ranges from intense fighting music, eerie suspense OST, to very lighthearted beats. Beyond that, the show’s music will also draw a mystery feel in later episodes as it will give the impression that the series may be darker than it seems.