Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 8

We’re not back to an anime, I love so dearly. Today we’re gonna talk about episode 8. It is now time for me to feel the laughs come back to me in full force. This episode surely did not disappoint. We were shown the dynamic Miko would play in the student council. As expected as someone who is on the school’s disciplinary committee her totalitarian behaviour really came through, wanting to scold everyone for breaking their school’s rules. Little did we know, that Miko has a massive soft spot for Fujiwara and that Fujiwara has a lot more influence than one would expect. Being able to get both Miko and Shinomiya to make “cute” faces for her to photograph at will. Which I thought was great.

Next up in the wonderful episode, what happens if the cliche of being stuck inside your school’s equipment shed outside together with someone you like happens? Imagine that cliche but with the polar opposite personalities Shinomiya and Shirogane have + their own different strategies to advance their “relationship” without the other person knowing, and without them being the first to confess their feelings to the other. I think that makes for some really good entertainment, without a doubt and it sure did.

Also, who would have thought that the expected action of suddenly falling down on a fitness mat with the male character suddenly on top of the female character. No kissing allowed though! As we’re dealing with a comedy here, we don’t always get what our heart wants, instead we get something to cap off a really entertainment moment. Miko suddenly walking in on them. But there is always a silver lining to things, I think we’re getting closer to one (Shirogane and Shinomiya) of them confessing.

And to top off this episode, imagine going to the doctor’s, to get examined because you collapse on the floor, only to be told that you’re suffering from love. Just an overall fun time.

I definitely enjoyed today’s episode. Also sorry for all the pictures today, I just wanted to show off my favourite parts of this particular episode.