Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 9

An episode dominated by Miko and her thoughts. What happens if you think the student council you were invited to join as controlled by an evil individual? That is what Miko thought at the beginning of the episode, that the student council that she joined was controlled by an evil individual. She thought it was the Shirogane because of how Kaguya acted. However, she was later convinced by her own imagination and thinking that, no it wasn’t Shirogane, but Kaguya. To me, this was very funny because somehow, some way she (Miko) painted her (Kaguya) as someone who was a dominatrix, and as someone who manipulated the student council to bend to her every will.

One thing I really love most about this anime is how the art style progresses. While the characters stay the same, the scenes itself, especially during the comedic times, I feel is getting better and better and makes each interaction between the characters that much more enjoyable.

Like come on now! A style similar to that of Charlie Brown and an scene between Shirogane and Shinomiya that looks like something out of an retro 2D video game. Now that’s epic. With every episode I think each scene is getting more and more elaborate and is showing a lot of easter eggs that reference different anime. I personally think that’s pretty dope, especially if the scene being shown at the time mimics an art style of a different anime or different show for that matter. Like you’d never expect an anime to have a scene drawn similarly to that of Charlie Brown — I didn’t expect that. I guess that’s what makes Love is War special, the anime does an exceptional job at tying different aspects from different things together into a medium that is entertaining and enjoyable.