Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 10

We got a rare appearance from Shirogane’s father today, we also got a rare oppearance from Fajiwaras’ father too. More importantly, I think we got something we didn’t really expect. That thing being a little background story behind two characters we don’t know much about Miko and Ishigami and the past “relationship” they had in middle school. We find out why Miko has such a big distaste for him, and we find out why Ishigami is very reserved and keeps to himself most of the time.

There is still plenty we do not know about Ishigami, especially now that we’ve been given a little more information about his past and I think that is a mystery the anime will explore in some way. However, having that little mystery in an anime like Love is War, I think is very refreshing and is a nice change of tone, even if only for a few minutes out of the 25.

Aside from that however, imaging having a dad that says “I’m your sugar daddy” to your own son. When you asking him what’s wrong and that he’s there to listen to whatever Shirogane has to say. Being completely honest, that part alone was pretty funny. It’s a scene trying to add a little bit of comedy to something that I think everyone can really relate too. That being, the feeling someone has for another person and whether or not we (yourself or I) know if they really like you or not, that feeling of second guessing yourself because you think you did something wrong to the individual which ruined whatever chance you had with them.

Most importantly, that feeling of not properly understanding how the other person is feeling and therefore you overthink something seemingly so simple that it leads to miscommunication and is the cause of misunderstanding between the two individuals. How do you navigate the sea of uncertainty and self doubt. You have to be honest to yourself and you have to address your feelings, I think that’s what this episode in particular implies. A theme that was carried over the past few episodes was Shirogane’s and Shinomiya’s interaction in their school’s equipment shed and the misunderstanding that seemed to fall onto the two. Shirogane not knowing if what happened there had driven a divide between the two, causing her to hate/avoid him, and Shinomiya, who’s emotions get the better of her whenever she’s around him and end’s up running away because of it.

Overall, another great episode.



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