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Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 11

MAN. What an emotional episode. One thing this anime does exceptionally well at, it’s tying up whatever loose ends it may leave story-wise, should they ever introduce anything of that sort. Episode 10, gave us a story about Ishigami. Something we never knew. That the person he liked his middle school, was being cheated on by her boyfriend, he thought he was protecting her from hurt. However, it turned out the person whom he liked was utterly useless, dumb and more importantly, blind. She didn’t see what Ishigami was trying to do and because of that, Ishigami was painted as a villain by everyone in his middle school.

We experience the emotional trauma he experienced and his failure to cope with all the hate he gained for trying to do something good. When Ishigami was at his lowest of lows. Shirogane pulled him out of it and in a way brought closure and helped Ishigami find peace with it all. He did so by effectively saying that he shouldn’t regret anything that he had done, instead of writing an apology letter, he should write instead:

Why should he apologize for trying to protect someone who he valued, why should he apologize for his crush’s inability to see why Ishigami did? I personally don’t see why he should have apologized and nether did Shirogane. So props goes to Shirogane because he’s able to understand everyone else’s thoughts, opinions and emotions, apart from his own and Shinomiya’s that is.

The best way to move on is to leave the past, finally in the past; and when the past comes to visit (Kyoko Otomo (the person Ishigami liked) came to their school to tell him how everything was all his fault, that all her troubles was because of him and that he shouldn’t enjoy himself. He said the best thing he’s ever said in the anime:

And rightfully so! Why should he let the past drag him down, when he’s now happy and was able to find closure to a very painful past of his. STICK IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO TRY TO HOLD YOU DOWN.

An episode that has a wonderful message for everyone. Glad I got to see what Ishigami go though and how he came out of it, seemingly better than ever. One of the best episodes of the anime by far.

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