Love is War 2nd Season | Episode 12

Ah, what a way to end the beloved series that is Love is War 2nd Season. If you do not follow me on twitter, then you probably didn’t know that I’ve read and have caught up in the manga. So I know, for a fact, that there is still a ton of content that can be adapted into another season (which I hope does happen).

However, today, we’re hear to talk about the last episode. Over the course of the first and second season, you’ve seen the characters grow from the various shells they’ve displayed right from the start of the first season. Especially with regard to Shirogane, Kaguya, Ishigami and Fujiwara. We have seen Fujiwara show more of her crazy, cynical, yet loving side as the episodes progressed. We were shown the mental struggle Ishigami has gone through and what he’s done to overcome the past that he’s held onto and kept secret for so long. We’ve seen both Shirogane and Kaguya’s ‘obsession’ with one another deepen.

We were shown Shirogane’s more serious and caring side, something that wasn’t as touched upon in the first season and most importantly, we have watched Kaguya grow. We’ve seen her personality change from someone known to be extremely closed, highly conservative, and at time, emotionless; turn a full 180 degrees and show a side we never thought we’d see. To someone who, while still shows her emotionless, closed personality from time-to-time, but above all that someone who is able to really connect and enjoy being with people who she loves (her friends), something she hasn’t really full embraced up until that point. This point is reinforced during the episode, when she breaks down in tears because the flip phone she had used as her primary, something she’s used to document her daily life broke.

It was if as her life, the one she was starting to enjoy had vanished. Little did she know, that once kaguya had FINALLY upgraded her phone to replace the one that broke, that all the pictures she had saved were recovered but not only that, but there were more pictures she didn’t know about; all thanks to Fujiwara and Iino. Who had shared their pictures with her too.

What I thought was interesting about the episode wasn’t the realization of how far we’ve come with all the characters, but was how the episode ended. It sort of felt like it was an open-ended episode. If this was the last episode of the series and the studio opted NOT to make a third season, then the episode at the end offered I think a satisfying end. It shows the names of everyone who had helped make the anime possible, showed all the characters that were on the anime and it provided us with the scene as provided below. Implying that, while this is the last episode of the season, the war between Shirogane and Shinomiya still rages on. That also implies that, yes, the battle still rages on, and we’re nowhere NEAR done; well to me, that’s what I think it also means as well.

So since the battle continues to rage on, let it carry on in a third season, please and thanks. Love is War is probably one of the best anime to air during 2020, and that’s fact.



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