Yuru Camp△ | Worth the watch?

Is it worth? Who knows! I’ll let you decide, but first, you’ll need to give it a watch 🙂

The story is straightforward and easy to follow, it is fun, fresh and entertaining to watch. It focuses on camping. Yes, I envision the same thing you’re thinking: camping, are you kidding me? How can you have a plotline about camping? It must be a fiasco. However, Yuri Camp is not dull, from a common event like camping, the authors create an amusing narration where all the characters take pleasure in camping. Keep in mind that maybe you want to go camping with your friends after the series because the characters’ commitment is plausible, delightful and absorbing. The message given to the audience through the story’s simplicity is enjoying the moments of life.

As a starting point, the pacing is perfect, and the way how all the characters are involved is pretty clever. It is remarkable seeing the correlation and the chemistry between them, no matter if they appear in the scene for few seconds, their actions complement the setting, and you don’t feel them wasted. Every character has a different personality that boosts the dynamic through the storyline and embodies the meaning of friendship. Another notable aspect, the trust. Would you camp with someone you do not trust? The series enrich the plot with those values and propels them in each episode. For example, Rin likes camping alone, but she starts enjoying her time with Nadeshiko and considers her as a friend. Since they are a group of “buddies,” they share their tastes (food, hobbies, fun). Also, the story maintains the realism and gives tips about camping. This small world is full of comical events and funny jokes executed at the perfect moment ingeniously. Look Nadeshiko, she may seem to be childish, yet she is very energetic, and she uses that side of her personality to be humorous. Just with her behavior, the characters seem flashy and feel happy. All this is possible because the authors care about the pacing and the story.

On the other hand, some spectators believe the series doesn’t have a plot, so they consider the show boring. The simplicity of the narrative can be measured in the course of action and the mood while camping. How many of us have at least camping once in our lives? If it was a gratifying experience then this show will bring memories and forgotten desires, perhaps you could end remembering some of your old friends. This series demonstrates that every action, no matter how insignificant is, it would make our existence happier and enjoyable. For me, seeing how these characters admire a landscape, it is very remarkable. Maybe it is a cliché, but that easiness is what we call having a good time. Lastly, I have not found any negative aspect of the show. Nothing is perfect, yet the anime covers some basic ideas such as friendship, trust, passion, joy, and boosts them in a very entertaining way. Yuri Camp’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

We have five characters in the story. The most noticeable Is Nadeshiko because she is the one that which gathers the rest of the cast together, and she is the central point for most of the jokes. Nadeshiko is very energetic and blissful. She loves eating, and we can consider her a thrilled girl. The other main character, Rin. In the beginning, she enjoys camping alone, but Nadeshiko’s influence may change her. Rin has more camping experience than the others. The remaining characters add fluency to the story. Aoi and Chiaki, they are the members of the Outdoor Activities Club. Thanks to Nadeshiko the club continues with the activities and start to plan camping meetings. Lastly Ena, she always mocks Rin. Something I notice is the lack of a detailed background, but the plot works very well without it. You only need to know they like camping and the rest will come from their personalities.

The art and sound are good. One exciting part is how they care about the landscapes. It is a plus because most of the scenes are outside. The camera angles and the camera movement focus on the main characters. Also, the color palette is very vivid and catch the attention of your eyes. However, the character’s design is standard compared with other series; it goes well with the simplicity of the plot. Regarding the sound, the score fills the moments and the jokes. It isn’t bad. Although, sometimes you don’t notice it because it is standard.

Overall, I think the anime is very well worth watching. Make sure to give it a go if you haven’t already!



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  1. Absolutely loved this series. The characters and their interactions were awesome to watch. Rin was my personal favorite but I loved the whole cast. I thought that it was cool that the animators traveled to the real life locations for accuracy on the sites. It was awesome to see the beauty of Japan showcased in a show that was a lot of fun to watch. I’m not much of an outdoor person but that series gets me tempted to grab a few books, find a camping spot and enjoy nature. The series of shorts Heya Camp were great too and I am excited for the upcoming season 2!

  2. I loved this wholesome little show. Can’t wait for the next season of it. I wasn’t expecting to like it at all, as I’m not really a fan of moe-ish things, but this was too fun not to enjoy. Plus, Nadeshiko’s love of food is a duplicate of my own and I live for it, haha.

  3. This is a great anime! Yuru Camp reminds me of another favorite of mine, Yama no Susume.

    Rin was my favorite character. She didn’t stop enjoying solo camping, she just started enjoying camping with friends. It would be a complete misreading of her character to imagine she would not go somewhere just because she couldn’t find a partner. She is her grandfather’s daughter, permanently afflicted with wanderlust.

    This is a typical CGDCT slice-of-life anime except for Rin. She’s the Cute Girl Doing Difficult Things. For me, that was the most important factor in keeping it from mediocrity.

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