Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha | Episode 3

The third episode was rather lackluster to say the least. I am beginning to see a trend here, as is with all anime that present the overpowered main character right from the start. We’re again shown Anos showing off his insane power and ability to foresee the future before it even happens.

Despite that, let me just mention, my biggest problem with this episode. So in the last episode, we were presented with another character Sasha Necron, the older sister to Misha. One thing I forgot to mention in the second episode blog post was that, we’re immediately presented with their sister-sister dynamic. It is one where Sasha thinks that Misha is lesser than her and therefore treats her as such. That is until Anos comes a long and makes them all buddy-buddy by the end of the second episode. Carrying over to the third episode here, their class is at one of Anos’ castles where the objective is to work as a team to collect magical items for points. As we progress further into the episode, we see seemingly fast character progression between Sasha and Misha as they slowly start to ‘rebuild’ their relationship one another.

UNTIL BANG. The story decides to flip itself onto its head and presents Sasha as an evil individual. This is represented by Sasha stabbing Misha in the chest with a dagger. Now why does that in particular bother me is because I felt like it was an easy and cheap method to progress whatever story Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha intends to tell. Whether that be Anos and his journey or reconquest of the world he created, or whatever will come out of the Sasha’s immediate switch to being the villain of the anime. While yes, the episodes are rather short, and the episode count is limited to the usual 13 episodes, I think the whole transitioning or rather, introducing another aspect to the story could have happened a lot smoother and a lot more gradual than what is presented in this episode. Overall, just wan’t that entertaining in large part because of how rushed everything felt this episode.