Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha | Episode 4

This anime can actually be extremely confusing just based on how many plots have been introduced by the fourth episode.

  • Anos’ reincarnation and his quest to reconquer the world he created.
  • Someone pretending to be him, Anos Voldigoad, but under a different name and identity basically erasing the true Demon King from existence.
  • The Misha and Sasha dynamic

And now, we learn that Misha and Sasha are effectively the same person. We have all these various plots/subplots going around and we’re only at episode 4. This may seem to many as messy, which I think is correct in a lot of cases.

But do not worry though, the TRUE Demon King, Anos Voldigoad, is the fixer of all, time and of space and once again we’re presented with his insane overpowered skills in the form of him being able to go back in time and save Misha an individual made from a spell; someone who should have existed and was going to disappear back into Sasha once the clock hit midnight; and make her into a being able to continue to exist in the world they live in. Quite the power if I do say so myself. Furthermore, he is able to single handedly, outright obliterate the God of time, and outright destroy and kill one of the one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, only to revive him and give him back his memories. Talk about a lot of power!

Not to mention, the Sasha flip we saw in the last episode, was again reversed in episode 4. The two ‘sisters’ that were essentially the same person (Sasha) are now for real now, thanks to Anos, two twin sisters in the literal sense. There are is a ton of stuff happening in this anime and I am not too sure if that’s something I enjoy just yet. In large part because it’s a lot of information being thrown at you at once, various plots having their own conclusions or are starting to show its beginnings. All of which is compressed within 23 minutes. I tend to lean towards more linear and simple storylines, I don’t mind the once and awhile complex, only *IF* it’s well executed, something I am not too sure Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha does well at this moment in time.

It is my hope that all the future episodes following this one, does this anime a solid and cleans up the story just a little bit.



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  1. The thing about Anos is that he’s playing a game. He could simply crush his enemies and be declared Demon King just by raw power. But he is trying to ferret out this impostor and at the same time win his place as Demon King thru a hearts and minds campaign. And build up a harem while he’s at it.

    He did say he wasn’t omnipotent, though I haven’t seen any sign of that yet.

    1. Personally, I would love to see him just crush everyone each episode with insane fight scenes, I think it would make for some pretty epic action

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