Konohana Kitan | Anime Universe

The initial first episodes portrays the innocent fox Yuzu as she arrives at Konohanaeti. The first impressions she brings in is questionable as Yuzu really demonstrates what it means to be a klutz. She is clumsy, inexperienced, and doesn’t know her place well. However, Yuzu is a very friendly girl that can get along with everyone and through her personality, she improves and has an innate charm that other characters begin to appreciate. It didn’t take me long to accept Yuzu as a likable character because the way she bonds with others.

Indeed, relationship dynamics is an important part of this show and it really knows how to sell those points. Yuzu’s relationship with Satsuki is one of those relationships that really tests herself. In the beginning, their relationship starts rocky because let’s face it, their characters really are almost like foils of each other. Yuzu is friendly and respectful while Satsuki has a much more serious personality. Not to mention, Satsuki is a very hardworking character and doesn’t tolerate mistakes often. One might describe her as a workaholic although it’s clear that she cares about her friends/co-workers. Throughout the show, she begins to warm up to Yuzu and it’s obvious that she cares about her. Yuzu’s personality also has influence on her as Satsuki begins to enjoy the love of working, rather than just work towards her dream.

Beyond Satsuki, Yuzu also brings the best out of other characters too through character relationships. Yuzu is able to impress Natsume and the both of them strives to work harder to make Konohanaeti into a better place. She and Sakura also shares a peculiar relationship because of their size although the both of them really begin to respect each other as time goes on. On the other hand, there’s Natsume and Ren, two characters that’s more like a ship-tease pair compared to the other cast. Through their interactions, it’s obvious that Ren harbors a crush on Natsume even though the show doesn’t fully explore it. Although this show isn’t a yuri that capitalizes on female romance, it can easily get fans to fantasize on this pair. That being said, the core characters in this show contains a lot of personality. Whether it’s Yuzu’s friendly attitude, Natsume’s tomboyish tendencies, Satsuki’s rigidness, or Ren’s strive to be perfect, the show can easily get you into the mood just with its colorful characters

Despite the story being simple, it has a mysterious aura that almost feels like a bit of suspense. What exactly is Konohanaeti? Why do some characters come there? What is its true purpose? Where this is even located? Throughout the show, it has a certain mystique that I can’t help but wonder. While almost every episode is an adventurous sitcom, there’s definitely more than meets the eye about the world setting. Plus, we do get hear stories about the past that influences the future from certain characters. There’s also one particular episode that really capitalizes the opportunity for world building. It’s one of those episodes that draws the line between fiction and reality. Additionally, this anime is great at evoking certain emotions. These can bring a smile to the viewers’ face or more poignant moments for emotional storytelling. The comedy is also sold well on most parts through the relationship teasing and even occasional fan service.

Adapted by studio Lerche, Konohana Kitan is a colorful show and I mean that as one that transcends its setting than beyond just an inn for characters to visit. The places has a youthful theme and brings in all types of characters including ones with relations to mythology. The animalistic characteristics of the cast is also noticeable such as Yuzu’s ears and Satsuki’s tail. There’s even a doll girl introduced in this anime to add a bit of innocent feel. Fan service exists and it’s often portrayed as a way of character teasing that’s hard to ignore. The theme songs are melancholic with a colorful vibe and decorated with creativity.