Oregairu 3 | Episode 3

After a very long break from watching currently airing anime, I decided it was time to get back into it. Also helped that CK3 (Crusader Kings 3) came out just yesterday and for some reason it gave me the urge to jump back into currently airing anime. No better way to start off than by trying to catch up with SNAFU Season 3.

The major reason as to why I stopped trying to keep up with SNAFU 3 was because me, being my curious self, I decided to take a look at the wikia, which as we all know, contains spoilers to all current/past anime. So I may or may not have read something that could have spoiled the anime for me (haha…). So overcoming that spoiler I read I decided to get on with it and see how the story played out animated.

I think episode 3 did extremely well at showing off the personalities of both Hikki and Yukino. We’ve got Hikki’s big brother mentality always wanting to help out, and always thinking about the other person and their feelings before their own. This is best shown off when he agrees to help out with the Student Council Prom project and when he tells Isshiki to be more careful and cautious around Yukino because she is known to give 100% all the time.

Leading right into Yukino, this episode does an extremely good job at displaying her willingness and determination to see whatever she sets her mind to, to it’s completion. This example of course, taking on the prom project by the horns and commanding every aspect of it, from the marketing, promoting, concept and how they think the prom (once completed) should look and feel like.

Apart from that displaying of personalities part, what this episode also does extremely well at, in my opinion, is integrating a bunch of other personalities into the mix to compliment the our main protagonists. Never did it feel like it became a little too ‘crowded’ or ‘overwhelming’ they all blended into really well and added to the overall feel of the episode. A+ for that.