Oregairu 3 | Episode 5

It’s weird, these episodes seem to fly be real quick, not too sure how I feel about it to be honest. I think we’re bound to miss a few key aspects of the light novel that plays into the whole “Prom Arc” as I call it, given the overall length of the anime. Something that is to be expected of course, you cannot animate every little detail, you have a release date and there is only so much you can fit into your given timeframe. You’re bound to miss some stuff. As this anime is only to be 12 episodes long, I feel like we’re going to be missing out on a few stuff, which sucks for the viewer because it may have been fundamental to the story be had to be left out due to time or financial constraints.

To me, this episode was all about Hikki fully accepting (to some extent) his feelings for Yukino and conveying it to her not through the traditional way, but through a challenge whereby the goal is to be the first to get the prom to happen. With the condition being “whoever loses the battle will have to do one thing the winner says”. This, I think, sets the stage for the upcoming episodes as they gear their efforts towards doing whatever possible between the two of them to make the prom happen for not only themselves, but for everyone who wants it to happen. While of course, being the victor of the challenge they both agreed to. Which by now I think we all know what’s coming, a true confession of some time between the two of them.

All that being said however, this episode wasn’t too eventful, like I said, it felt like this episode was more there to set the tone for the next few episodes. Gearing up for what could possibly come, the struggles they may have to go through, and the rollarcoaster of emotions that will be felt by our protagonists. I do think that we’re going to see one of the upcoming episodes be even more emotion than Episode 4 because I think it’ll have to get ‘ugly’ first before we see something good by the end of the anime. I think there will be something really negative that will test each protagonist, something I know they’ll get through, but how? That’s soon to be seen! I hope that’s the case though, it would make for some really epic storytelling that is for sure.



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