Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha | Episode 5 and 6

Hi there! As you can probably tell I am starting to get back into the various anime I was watching before going on a little break. Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha being one of those anime of course! Today’s blog post will be a combination of both EP 5 and 6 simply because they didn’t really have much I wanted to talk about and making them their own posts seemed kind of dumb to me, so I decided to put them together. Enjoy!

Episode 5

What we learned today, that there is probably another individual, who used to serve under Anos who was also reincarnated (Well I think anyway). This time under the name of “Ray Grandsdori”. Their encounter was pretty cool to see because it looked as though Ray was able to match Anos in regard to sword wielding, as indicated later on in the anime when the two have a duel. However, although Ray was able to match him in the duel, comparing the two, as per usual Anos is the more powerful one. As during the duel, while Ray fought with a sword, Anos fought him with a literal stick and beat him in combat.

Ray was only able to cut a branch off the stick that Anos held, while Anos was able to break Ray’s sword into two pieces just with the stick. Talk about a bad ass moment right there, something I really enjoyed. I love me a good fight scene, especially against two individuals with stand almost as equals on the face. That was probably the highlight of today’s episode as it highlighted the potential this anime had with regard to action scenes. Do not get me wrong, all the previous action scenes thusfar has been pretty cool, but without a doubt this one was the best. It showed us that yes, Anos will always seemingly come out on top with his overpowered abilities but the studio made a conscience enough effort to show while they can end a fighting scene with the snap of their fingers, that they can (if they want) drag it on for entertainment. Which is what I think happened with this episode in particular.

Episode 6

Episode 6 didn’t really off anything of value to the anime itself. It felt like a terrible build up episode, they introduced another character to the story, which was another one of the Demon Emperors acknowledging that yes, Anos, was the true demon king. While also adding another element to the story, which is what this episode and the next (I think) will be covering which is this tournament, the ‘Magic Sword Tournament’ where apparently there is something sketchy happening because Anos was picked, so therefore that is considered as ‘abnormal’ for the school itself. Which to me felt like a lame way of advancing the story as there wasn’t a build up to it. To me it felt like it was a sudden announcement, with the tournament expected to be held the following day. Obviously, I assume the studio wanted to make it seem as though a few days passed since the initial announcement of the tourney, however, to sure felt like it was Announcement > Tourney next day.

The anime kind of builds on the friendship between Anos and Misha, but apart from that, and of course the tournament thing. This episode felt very incomplete, it wasn’t all that great which is a shame.



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