Oregairu 3 | Episode 6

Certainly, while I dislike that Yui had her own personal feelings crushed when she came to the realization that any hope of her getting to ‘be with’ Hikki came to an end when Hikki himself realized his own feelings. I certainly do enjoy that connection the two still share in spite of that. Like I had mentioned previously, it feels like a brother-sister relationship; considering that they’ve known each other for a long time too, it only adds to that. When you see the two of them lean on each other for support during the episode.

But again, we’re again presented with Yui’s feelings for Hikki as she tries to accept that her dream, her wish, could not be a reality. I think that part in particular is always sad whenever it’s made the sticking point of the episode, like it was in this one as it was on full display at the end of the episode. There as she leaned on Hikki’s shoulder pretending to be asleep, we the viewer is presented with her own thoughts on the matter.

I found it so sad and extremely emotional. Probably because I am a softy when it comes to anime characters displaying their own feelings, feelings that they know won’t ever be shown to the person they want to show it to for whatever reason. It only adds to the dramatic flair. Not to mention, as we got to know what Yui was thinking at that very moment, we were presented with various flashback backs when they were all together, seemingly happy. Before, Yui, Hikki, and Yukino realized their own feelings, coupled by what Yui said in the end about wanting to “…bring this relationship to its proper end” with regard to Yukino and maybe Hikki, followed by a simple black scene with the words “Fin”.

It really hammered it home for me, that their relationship the three of them had together will no longer be the same, and it would be better for her (Yui) mentally and physically if she broke it off and began the long trek towards healing. I personally really enjoyed this episode for that specific moment, that is for certain.