Oregairu 3 | Episode 7 and 8

Episode 7

Now this for sure is the comedic episode the break up the prom planning, and the dramatics between the ‘love triangle’ between Hikki x Yukino x Yui. This is made evident when Yui and Hikki go over to Haikin Sogo High school to pitch the idea of a ‘joint prom’ between the two high schools. There sitting face to face with the President and VP of Haikin, they decided it would be a great time to appeal the idea of hosting a ‘joint prom’ through the only PROPER form of communication, rap. It was an epic rap battle to say the least, if you haven’t already seen the episode (which I am assuming you have, if you keep up with current anime), then I suggest you watch it. DOPE RYTHMS for an anime.

Apart from that however, I do not think the episode itself offered too much to us the viewers. We were presented with a little bit of Yukino and Hikki reconnecting, but it felt more like a status update between the two parties it didn’t really offer much to us. We’re also presented with Yukino and Yui’s little moment towards the end of the episode. To me their interaction felt kind of weird just because of how it played out. There was a feeling of the two being a little awkward towards each other, but you also got the sense that they wanted to say something towards each other. Hikki felt this ‘awkardness’ as well as he watched the two interact. I personally didn’t know what to make of it. Was it in a way a reconciliation of any ill feelings towards each other? Maybe. But I certainly do not know.

Episode 8

Hikki is a great thinker. This is in large part because he realizes in his meeting with Yukino’s mother, that she isn’t the enemy, she isn’t the person wanting to shut everything down, she is the last resort. The one who is sent to do the ‘dirty’ work of PTA. Hikki being the big brain person that he is, realized that and instead of turning Yukino’s mother into the enemy, instead involved her into the whole planning asking her, what they needed to do to get the idea of a prom past comfortably through PTA. Something she agrees to.

That for sure was a big brain play by him, A+ for that. Now that the core part of the arc is considered finished (I think anyway) we jump back into the dramatics of the anime and the relationship between our three friends. I find it interesting, Yui wants what’s best for Hikki and Yukino while secretly wanting what’s best for her, this is the same for Yukino as shown later on in the anime her asking Hikki to fulfill Yui’s wish, which I assume to be him ending up with her. Then there’s Hikki stuck in the middle, not really knowing what to do or if he can be bothered to do anything. We’re in a very complex sphere of emotions right now, no one really knowing what to do, or how to feel, all they know is that they want to do what’s best for them.

However, indicated by the pictures above when Yui and Yukino meet, you figure that something is about to happen. Someone’s feelings are just going to get utterly crushed and I am not too sure if I am ready for that, nor am I ready for this anime to end. I’ve really enjoyed it thus far, and I hope whatever comes out of the last scene of this episode turns into something positive for our three protagonists. Fingers crossed!



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