Oregairu 3 | Episode 9 and 10

Episode 9

You know what I found very weird Yui’s mother looks like an older version of Asuna (from SAO). It may not look similar to you guys, but to me that’s immediately the first thing I noticed and it’ll probably stick with me forever.

Anyway, this episode was one of the more casual episodes from the anime. Which is nice to see, especially when you’re given so much raw emotion, and pain. It’s nice to have an episode where you can just breathe and enjoy a little bit. I love Yui’s mother though, she’s great and has a wonderful personality that is on display throughout the anime. You can tell she really adores Hikki just by how she interacts with how, and more importantly, you can also tell she loves to tease Yui which to me was fun to watch. As a matter of fact, Yui and her mother are much alike in some respect because the two of them are very energetic and very outgoing. There was some parts, like for example, when they were making homemade desserts where the two acted almost identically. Generally, I loved her involvement as a supporting cast to the overall story.

Episode 10

This episode to me was also one of the many weird ones of this series just because of how it played out. We saw the completion of the prom, something the previous episodes have been working towards and we have reached the end of the arc official. However, what puzzles me the most is how the last few minutes played out. When you have Yukino saying “If we’re going to bring this to an end, I think now is the best time” and Yui saying “I’m totally okay if we keep this going, but…” Like, what? What exactly does that all mean? Does that mean, the three of them, more specifically Yukino and Yui are ready to call their friendship quits or something? Or are ready to bury the hatchet in regards to their true feelings?

Then when Hikki bolts out of them room and Yukino stops him why does she say;

Is she basically telling Hikki that she no longer needs him to lean on, or for him to support and help her? What does she mean by that and why did she decide to say that? I didn’t know the prom arc meant that all the work they’ve done, and the relationships they’ve built up for three seasons will now fall by the wayside. Obviously, this probably isn’t the case, but the choice of words and the general atmosphere that is shown to us through the various scene designs really does make it seem like it. Also, are we going to ignore Yui telling Hikki;

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, are we just going to ignore Yukino’s sister, who I think is literally emotionally abusing the three of them. She’s literally playing with their emotions and is having a fun time doing so. Like, I understand her role in the greater story to help our three protagonists discover, accept their true feelings while also pushing the notion that regardless of outcome it’s important to have no regrets and to keep moving forward regardless of outcome. BUT DAMN. She is truly having a ball with their emotions and I am not too sure how I feel about that. I think a lot of hurt is coming and is going to hit all of us like a brick wall these upcoming last two episodes (11 and 12) not too sure if I am prepared for it.



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  1. Yukino’s sister and her mom are both pieces of work. Personally I would have gone for Yui. She seemed to be the nicest girl of the harem.

    Yukino will never be free of his “help” if they further develop their relationship. But maybe then she could abandon Mom and Sis?

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