Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen | Episode 1

I’ve waited so long for a second season. Now that I we it and that it’s now airing, I have extremely high, and unrealistic expectations for the second season of Irregular at Magic High School. Who would have thought that the only way for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei to get a second season was for it to be under a different animation studio. Free is this anime from the studio Madhouse where it found its new home with 8bit.

With a change of studios, I was kind of worried that the art style would be different to that of the first season and I must say, for the first episode, I am really happy that everything is how we left it back in season one. I am furthermore happy that the original cast returns as well. One thing I noticed immediately was that Tatsuya carried a smile across his face more often, which was something you see a lot of during the first season. To me, I find that odd because Tatsuya was practically emotional less during the first season, while this season he seems to have a more ‘humanly’ side even though he still has that tough exterior that I love so very much.

This episode was very eventful, it provided a little status update recalling the events that happened during the last season, bringing up “Scorched Halloween” and shedding light on “Strategic-Class Magicians” individuals who can destroy armies and majority cities with one strike. During this sequence as they mentioned “Strategic-Class Magicians” we were shown an image of several figures being outlined during the scene. One of them resembled the new character the episode it introduced, as well as Miyuki and finally it referenced a new “Strategic-Class Magician”, the individual who solely caused the “Scorched Halloween”, our boy Tatsuya.

This in fact made Tatsuya probably the most wanted individual. As the USNA Army Magician Unit Stars, basically the USA’s equivalent of JSDF 101, on a mission to identify and I think destroy that person. That’s my guess anyway. However, Tatsuya being the OP character that he is was able to already piece together that the exchange student Lina, was there to spy on him and that there was something more the USNA was after/looking for, something I wish will be revealed in the coming episodes.

I won’t really touch on Lina because I don’t know much about her yet, all I really know is that she is there to spy on Tatsuya. I assume she is also a “strategic-class magician”, she doesn’t seem all that powerful (yet) and she also displays the typical Tsundere personality. So exciting times to come with her, that’s for sure.

There were a few things that cause for some intrigue. At the end of the episode, we’re given a new antagonist. Fugitives running rampant in Tokyo, which I assume will be one of the main focuses of the anime, finding out who they are and what their purpose is. Lina’s new mission on top of the one she’s currently on is to find and destroy them.

The other thing that intrigued me was the OP that was played at the end of the episode. It provided very big hints for all the upcoming events that will happen during the anime. An eventual confrontation with however these fugitives are and their boss, a confrontation between Tatsuya and Miyuki and Lina and maybe quite possibly finding out the true relationship between Tatsuya and Miyuki. I read the light novel ages ago, and I remember that in one of the arcs their relationship eventually be explained and revealed (spoilers), but I am not too sure if it’ll happen this season, but I know that there should be a third season should the second season either;

  • Last longer than 12-13 episodes
  • Make it to 24 episodes in which case I think there should be a PART 2.
  • Rush to that part in the light novels.

Regardless of whether or not it’s revealed it shouldn’t matter, if second two doesn’t get there, then there must be a third or multiple seasons because there is so much that can be told, there is still so much of the story that has to be shown and told. There is just so much content, I cannot see them getting through it all during the second season. There are 30 volumes, if this anime tries to rush through them and not give the light novel justice I’ll be very frustrated and disappointment, even more so if this anime doesn’t get a multiple seasons to explain the story as it should be told.

I have extremely high expectations for this anime, hopefully it can impress and live up to the hype. I really hope it does.



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