Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha | Episode 7 and 8

Episode 7

Quite the massive harem Anos has now. In particular, the beginning part is very distracting because you have the sanely overpowered Anos fighting this dude. Still, in the background, you hear his harem singing a fight song for him. If I were an honest man, that singing done by his fans kind of added unnecessary baggage to the whole opening sequence of the Anime. I didn’t think they were really needed, nor added anything of value. In fact, I think they were more annoying than anything.

After watching this episode, there is nothing about Anos that surprises me. After watching him block a sword hit from Lay with his arm and then shrug it off, all while also literally forcing his fingers into Lay’s chest without issue. This only shows that Anos is literally god and reaffirms his powerful self as probably one of the most OP characters in all of Anime. Furthermore, his ability to read and assess any situation that is presented to him notable. For example, Anos had already figured out that Lay was being held hostage and was being forced to do the bidding of whoever held something against him.

Despite being the Demon King, he’s really a nice person. I guess that comes with a change of heart he felt 2000 years ago. This also shows when he’s with Lay’s adoptive mother, offering to save her and agreeing to grant her wish to save Lay. Another example of Anos being a nice was later on in the Anime when Emilia decided to take it upon herself to ‘steal’ Anos’ sword, which was being carried by her mother. The anger Anos showed when she attacked Anos’ mother, and the escorts that were there to protect her showed that the teenaged Demon King is also a mommy’s boy. Which was nice to see.

Episode 8

I actually liked episode 8 a lot because it had a backstory. However, brief, it shed some light on Lay’s path and his connection to his mother. As a young boy, we got to watch Lay’s hardship of being rejected by his family only to be found by his adoptive mother. The love she’s shown him and continued to show him despite her failing condition was nice to see. Especially during the final fight between Melheis v. Lay and Anos, when all hope was lost, Lay’s mother gave him the strength to stand and fight against Melheis before she disappeared for good. That connection, when she gave Lay the strength to fight, and that little monologue they had with each other, was beautiful. It displayed the love of a mother, their selflessness nature, and the sacrifices they make for their children to keep living, have the strength to overcome whatever troubles that may face them, and, most importantly, feel loved and wanted. Which is what Lay’s mother showed him during this episode, absolutely fantastic.

Spoilers, it’s a good thing this Anime is really good at providing ‘happy outcomes’ because, after the tournament, our overpowered character Anos does something adorable for Lay, which was reviving his mother back into a physical form. No longer is she a spirit, forever a human!

Oh, and we also finally got to see what this imposter looked like. Not really, but we do see him, though—nothing like a masked figure with a black trench coat. We’re growing closer and closer to their confrontation, which to me, is exciting.

Looking forward to when they actually meet and fight it out, I think it’ll be a great battle.