Kanojo, Okarishimasu | Episode 2

Anime, where coincidences are common. What I enjoyed right from the opening few minutes is two things. One, the OP “Centimeter (センチメートル)” by the peggies. It’s really nice to listen to. Two, it’s funny that, not only do Kazuya and Chizuru go to the same college, but they also are neighbors. Anime, the only place where something like this is even remotely possible and that’s something I love as sort of a general thing. Rom-coms that do something like this always gets an A+ from me on the basis of setting a funny foundation, which I think this anime, to some extent does have.

In comes the challenger, Mami Nanami. The girl who dumped Kazuya after a month. Her personality is very interesting to say the least. This episode showed her rather cold personality, openly embarrassing and making condescending comments towards Kazuya and his rampant adult thoughts at a restaurant whilst all his friends and Chizuru were there with him. That isn’t really a personality I enjoy all too much, but I do suspect that she did this because Kazuya was with Chizuru who was introduced to everyone at the restaurant as his girlfriend. So I assume that there is some sense of jealousy on her part towards Chizuru.

But once again, I can see a few things that will kind of eat away at me as the anime progresses and I thought I’d share them with you. Obviously I know that this is a ComedyRomanceSchoolShounen. But man, the the scenes where we see Kazuya’s mind racing with dirty thoughts kind of seems a little too much, it happens a little too frequently for my liking. Yeah, I get it, 20 year old, with a high libido, staring at attractive girls, a desperate man. However, the constant references in regard to that is kind of too much.

Another thing I don’t really like, it’s only the second episode so I have yet to see how it’s supposed to play out over the series. But I am already having doubts about this whole “rent-a-girlfriend” concept. You’re immediately told that both Chizuru and Kazuya are only doing this “rent-a-girlfriend” to appease their grandmothers who are currently in hospital. I don’t know why but that kind of irks me the wrong way. I understand that their ‘relationship’ whatever it is between them anyway is artificial, so a lot of what they do with each other seems kind of forced, I mean it’s supposed to be that way. However, I feel like it’s a little too forced and there isn’t really a flow with everything being said between them, or anything really that justifies their actions (in my eyes). Everything sort of feels too spontaneous.

An example of this was when Kazuya’s grandmother was at his house because she wanted to see Chizuru. After waiting for awhile, his grandmother figured they broke up and went on her little speech as to why she thought so. Chizuru, being Kazuya’s next door neighbor overheard the whole conversation, and when Kazuya was about to confirm his grandmother’s thoughts. Chizuru butts in immediately going back on her demand she had requested in the first episode (of Kazuya telling his grandma that they had broke up).

From my understanding, this is a manga adaptation, so it’s following the storyline presented by the manga. However, maybe it’s just me, but I actually wished the author had put in the confession (Kazuya telling his grandmother) because I think it would have made for a better storyline between Chizuru and Kazuya. If they had told the truth, then the story could have maybe shifted towards the two using the “rent-a-girlfriend” as more of a gag act. But as they use the app more and more with each other, they slowly start to realize their affection for one another. It could then dip its toes into Kazuya not wanting to see Chizuru going on dates with other guys so he confesses his affection for her, likewise with Chizuru not wanting Kazuya to use “rent-a-girlfriend” for another girl.

To me, I think I would have like that more. But anyway, we’re going to trooper through this anime together, buckle up peeps, this is going to be one bumpy ride.



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  1. I would agree about the “dirty” scenes with Kazuya…those detracted from the experience for me especially with how frequent they are in the early going. You can get the point across without approaching it that way, other series have done it. Glad to see that someone else was bothered by that element. I would agree that Kazuya telling his grandma would have made for an interesting story element there, it certainly would have made Kazuya’s character a little stronger for me. MY only question is that how did they not know that they were neighbors, they should have run into one another at some point before that. That has been nagging at me a bit since I watched the episode.

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