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Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha | Episode 12 and 13

Episode 12

Episode 12, we finally got to meet this imposter, Avos Dilhevia. But we do not find out his true identity under the end of the episode, which I will SPOIL, it is Lay Glanzudlii. Which is a shock for me, I didn’t expect him to be the one who’d pose as the imposter Demon Lord of Tyranny. What’s even more shocking to me, is on top of that, Lay is also the true reincarnation of Hero Kanon. Which is even more of a shock because you have the hero of humanity, the person who ‘killed’ the Demon King, ended the war and gave life to 2000+ years of peace. We have that Hero, play the ultra villain. The man who manipulated everything behind the scenes in the Demon realm. This begs a ton of questions that are not answered this episode, sadly. Why? Was his mother’s story fake? Why did he decide to erase the real Demon King from history, why did he decide to take on that manicure himself? Which is all explained in the next episode! Well, somewhat anyway.

So what were my thoughts on episode 12, like many episodes I’ve given my opinion on, this was a setup episode. It set the stage for what happened next. That is what bother’s me the most about this anime in particular. I don’t mind setup episodes, I really don’t, but man, the way Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha‘s I guess ‘filler’ episodes are set up really suck. They’re so lackluster and don’t provide anything to the story the anime is trying to tell, I don’t think any setup episode this anime had provided meaning or context complaining the events that happened next. It almost felt like it was there just for the sake of being there. It’s like they had to meet the 13 episodes planned but didn’t have enough material to sufficiently fill the 24 minutes so they decided to put together a bunch of hoopla and call it good. I don’t know. It just felt that way and it really kills the overall feel of the anime.

Episode 13

Moving on from my rant. Let’s talk about the better and far superior episode 13, also known as the conclusion to this anime.

We find out that Kanon was killed indeed killed by humans, in particular, he was murdered by Jerga’s followers. One of Kanon’s most trusted members betrayed him. The same group who had also set up a plot to destroy Anos. Kanon didn’t want to see that happen so he (Kanon) destroyed Anos’ destiny to be reincarnated as the Demon King. Which is a big brain move on his part because to me, that showed the two had mutual respect for one another. Kanon didn’t want Jerga’s followers to kill Anos after he had been reincarnated, so he altered fat and created Avos Dilhevia to protect Anos from the same individuals who killed Hero Kanon 2000 years ago.

Hero Kanon’s thought was, since he changed destiny and made Avos Dilhevia (himself as demon king) those people who wanted to kill Anos upon his reincarnation would instead kill him. As all human hatred for the demons come from Jerga’s own hatred for the demons. If Jerga’s followers killed Kanon, then that would mean all human hatred towards the demon’s be lifted, allowing for true peace. True peace that both Kanon and Anos wanted 2000 years ago. Quite the valiant effort by the one they call “Hero”. His last heroic act, save the person who desired peace the most, while also abolishing the source of all human hatred at the same time.

The complete destruction of hatred is the path to true peace. That is what this episode put on display. Hatred was in the form of Jerga’s ghost that came back claiming that he was the new world order, the true hero, the one that would destroy all demons. He claimed that the only way to true peace was to kill all demons, which is what he tried doing. But as we all know, friendship and love conquers all. If one desires true peace then everyone must work together to push out hatred and the only way to do that is through love, compassion, acceptance and friendship, which came in the example of Kanon and Anos. The yin and yan coming together to defeat a common enemy, hatred. But how to you defeat something has powerful as one’s hatred? Well of course, if you’re Anos, all you really need is your “Fan Union” to sing for you. Granting you the godly ability to take down any enemy regardless of size, literally.

Like many times throughout this anime, we’re shown an epic fight scene. Which is something we see here, when it was either Kanon v. Anos, or Kanon and Anos v. Jerga. However, like every other fight scene we saw throughout this anime, everything is short lived as our main protagonist, Anos, overpowers everyone and everything and takes over the battle. I’ve grown to accept that as this anime went on, however, I think there is still much to be desired with regards to the fight scenes. There was room for something more extravagant, more epic, more awe inspiring and we just weren’t given that in the end. When you fight the final boss, you expect one of the best fight scenes you’ll ever see. An epic final boss scene like the one in SAO: Ordinal Scale, when they fought the final floor 100 boss. I wanted something similar to that since we have an overpowered character like Anos, just walking around.

But alas, it wasn’t mean to be and that’s okay. Overall, I think the last episode is the embodiment of this entire anime; Lackluster, with much to be desired.

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