Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 2

After an extremely long hiatus from this anime, I’ve decided to come back and finish what I started. Mission set: “Finish Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!“. There are still a few anime that I’ve started but have yet to finish, something I’ll get around to doing it…eventually.

Who would have thought that Sakurai was able to put on display a ton of various personalities. Just when you thought that he was going to be one of those naturally cold characters you see, it’s the complete opposite. His personalities kind of reminds me of Shirogane from Love is War. This is in large part because they both wear a very scary face, in large part because of their eyes, but they both display a variety of emotions despite a rather ‘cold’ complexion.

I found episode 2 to be extremely entertaining, there were several moments throughout the anime that had me laugh, chuckle or smile. Like when Uzaki got herself stuck in a hedge while she chased after a cat caused this funny scene;

Let’s not also forget their little moment in the college’s cafeteria. Where we saw Uzaki flail her arms around as she tried to communicate to Sakurai from across the room and we saw their texts between one another as they ripped into each other. I thought it was great, honestly. You could really feel like their relationship was special since they could literally insult each other, and more importantly easily laugh it off as if nothing happened. That’s the sorta friendship I think anyone would like to have, simply because it would make life and going through the motions very entertaining.

Alot of the episode takes place where Sakurai works, which so happens to be at this small café. Which I personally didn’t mind at all because the change in scenery introduced us to one of the supporting characters Akihiko Asai, the owner of the café. To me, he’s total mood. Right off the batt, he expresses what everyone watching the anime thinks privately, which is that everyone enjoys watching our two main protagonists fight over weird and random things. Their little squabbles with each other and their many disagreements they have with one another that get blown out of proportion or get misunderstood for whatever reason is comedy at its finest.

I really enjoyed this episode and I hope all the other episodes will be as enjoyable at this one.